Translation: Area 5: International Airport Story (Black Lambs) (WIP)
Season 2: International Airport Story Overview
Translated by Kanra

While repairing the damages done from the previous battles(Epilogue Area), Songeun calls over the team members of the Black Lamb. Since she had been reassigned to be leading the International Airport Guard, she had wanted to say her farewells to the team members of Black Lamb. While they have their chat, they find out that Yujeong, the manager of the Black Lambs, were going with her to the airport as well.

When Black Lambs question her, she answers that she had been called to New York, where the headquarters for UNION was, to report the situation that had occurred at Gangnam. While she was at New York, David Lee would be taking care of the Black Lambs himself. They say their farewells, and report to David.

David tells the Black Lambs that with the recent disaster, he had gotten permission again to use an airship that uses a special Phasic Engine, which had been banned for use after the Dimensional War. He had planned to have the Black Lambs board on the ship and survey the parts over Korea, being able to respond immediately through travelling by air. The new airship's name was Lamb's Keeper: David all invites them on Lamb's Keeper's first flight.

While they were sailing through the air smoothly, an ominous being shadowed the clouds. All of a sudden, aerial Dimensionals had appeared in the sky, attacking the airship. While they were recovering from the brief damage on the ship, David is almost assassinated by a member of a terrorist group, but Black Lambs get there in time to save him. Fighting through hordes of Dimensionals and terrorists that had entered the ship, Black Lambs encounter the same figure that was there while they were recovering damages in the city. He tells them that they had planted bombs in the ship, bidding farewells to the members of the Black Lamb and the "Slaughterer David". Bombs explode all over the airship, making them crash land into the International Airport.

There, Black Lambs and David finds that the whole airport was taken over by the terrorists. They re-unite with Songeun there, although it was under unexpected circumstances. While they assess the situation, they find out from Kim Doyoon, the Vultures Merchant, that the name of the terrorist group is Verita Brigade. Verita Brigade were group of terrorists that had gone far enough that they decided to implement the Phase Power Surgery upon themselves- forcing Phase Power into them in exchange for their lifespan. Songeun also tells them that Yujeong, who was at the airport with her, was also taken hostage along with other civilians. When they are cleaning through the airport of terrorists, the Brigade Commander, Ivanov, tells them that in exchange for hostages, they hand over their airship: Lamb's Keeper. Black Lambs refuse, but Ivanov retreats, giving them time to think about it.

While they were in a stalemate, a restaurant chef, Chao Lin, calls them over. Saying that she had been in contact with Yujeong as she had briefly left Chao Lin her phone number before being captured, Chao Lin says that Yujeong had secretly taken out one of the terrorists herself and used the uniform of the terrorist to disguise herself as one. Black Lambs go to the rendezvous point to rescue her. When they get to her, she says that she had planted few bombs over the airport that will divulge the terrorist's attention, allowing the Guards to rescue her. Bombs explode, and all hostages are rescued safely.

They meet one flight attendant while fighting through terrorists called Choi Seohi. After they rescue her, she tells them that she had seen the terrorists carry something suspicious, and due to her curiosity, had made her stay and investigate what the terrorists were doing. With her drawing of what the terrorists were carrying, they find out that the tool that terrorists were carrying were parts to Inner Portal Generator, which allowed them to bring in supplies and men from other places. IPG had one side effect: anything that goes through it was contaminated by a dimensional dust. These terrorists were really taking all the risks they possibly could.

They devise one plan to take care of the IPG device: To get all enemies' attention set on the members of the Black Lamb while Songeun and her guards secretly infiltrate and destroy the device. This works out perfectly, and Ivanov comes to fight the members of the Black Lamb; however, drawn back by their powers, he retreats for now.

When Black Lambs get to the roof of the Airport, they find that the terrorists are accompanied by Dimensionals. These Dimensionals were called Symbiotics; when they come to this dimension, they are able to form a pact with humans, in return of their own powers and doing as what the human says. Only downside was that these dimensionals took the life power of the people who were in pact with them. When the sheer number of these Dimensionals were overpowering the Black Lambs, Choi Seohi approaches to them. Saying that the Symbiotics use sound waves to distinguish between their allies and enemies, she hands them a disc that can be used to disrupt that sound wave. Apparently, every flight attendant was given these discs in case any Dimensionals popped out during their flight.

The plan works out perfectly, and the Symbiotics lose the sense of who their allies are, attacking the terrorists. However, David Lee questions Seohi; the disc wasn't given to any flight attendants. Rather, they were being safekept in a storage of UNION facility; and David had apparently heard that one of these discs went missing. Also stating that the flight attendant named Seohi was on a vacation, he questions Seohi's real identity.

Seohi's voice and her eyes change immediately, and she reveals (somewhat) her true self. When David asks that Seohi needs to quietly follow him, Seohi declines, saying that she is on an important "mission". When David tries to use members of the Black Lambs to restrain her, Seohi puts the members of the Black Lamb with her own power. She was a Phase Power User!

Without answering any questions posed to her, Seohi disappears, for her own "mission". Since the terrorist situation was more dire, they switch their attention back to the terrorists.

When they were fighting the terrorists, they found that they were also using humanoid robots- which could somehow strangely use Phase Powers. These were robots with Phase Power that were developed by UNION to take care of criminals with Phase Power, or a rogue Closer. These were all originally put down and the development was halted as it was deemed immoral- but why were they here, being used by the terrorists, when all of its manufacturing methods were a great secret?

Much like the Symbiotic problem, the androids were overpowering the team with their sheer numbers. This time, the Black Lambs decided to use EMP to turn off every robots, but also turning all their own electric equipment in the process. However, if they activated the Lamb's Keeper's shield, all equipment would be saved without it breaking down. While David stores his laptops in the Lamb's Keeper, everybody else moves hurriedly while Black Lambs buy time for them.

On their mission, they encounter Seohi again- although she still kept quiet for her mission, she informs Black Lambs that she is an A-class Closer that had been dispatched here for an investigation; and that investigation is possibly even more important than stopping the terrorists. She briefly assists the Black Lambs, and disappears for her mission again.

However, right before EMP is about to go off, Seohi is witnessed to be in Lamb's Keeper, apparently going through David's laptop. David gets furious about this, and ensures that this time, Seohi will be punished for neither assiting the Black Lambs and committing what is almost like a betrayal.

EMP goes off; However, the shield of Lamb's Keeper did not go off, making all of their own equipments offline as well. David points to Seohi as a main suspect, who, of course, still remains quiet to all questions posed to her. But for now, they had much more dire issue at hand; taking care of terrorists, who were significantly down with their numbers.

This time, Songeun personally accompanies Black Lambs in wiping out the terrorists. When she encounters the Brigade Commander, Ivanov, she mentions having seen him before; Ivanov was her ally during her time at the Afghanistan war. Ivanov is also shaken by her appearance, but when Songeun asks why he joined the Verita Brigade even if he had fought against the types like them in Afghanistan, he explains that he had been betrayed by the government and was almost killed by them after Songeun had left, and Verita Brigade had welcomed him into their ranks. Ivanov falls back for now, but Songeun promises that she will arrest him with her own hands.

Back at base, David hears that Songeun had previously known Ivanov. For the sake of the mission failing with her personal feelings(Even when the Black Lambs were sure that it will not be the case), he excludes Songeun out of the mission and dispatches couple other Special Policemen in her stead with the Black Lambs to arrest Ivanov. They successfully defeat Ivanov, but after Ivanov is defeated and Special Policemen are about to cuff him up, they were suddenly shot down by barrage of arrows; a blonde, blue-eyed woman was standing on top of the crate boxes.

This woman's name was Irina Petrovona; she was the Brigade General of the Verita Brigade. Ivanov wasn't the one in direct charge. Saying that Ivanov could not be arrested yet, she extracts him, and flies off with her phase power.

Back at base, David re-assesses the situation. Irina was one of the kids that were abducted from a UNION facility, and even when she was a child, she had phase power levels that were almost of a A-class Closer. He was curious as to why she sticked with the Verita Brigade- and Irina later tells that the Verita Brigade had rescued her from the harsh research that were being performed on her.
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"Verita Brigade were group of terrorists that had gone far enough that they decided to implement the Phase Power Surgery upon themselves- forcing Phase Power into them in exchange for their lifespan."
aw yis :o
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Clutching to memories
I'm not sure if I like the story... They keep introducing random new plot devices that conveniently explain everything away. Lamb's keeper, IPGs, symbiotics, discs, phase power robots, like really.
(10-11-2015, 07:06 PM)Yaoi Wrote: I'm not sure if I like the story... They keep introducing random new plot devices that conveniently explain everything away. Lamb's keeper, IPGs, symbiotics, discs, phase power robots, like really.

Except none of those are overbearing or really all that out of absolutely nowhere.

They still fit within the narrative, just as much as kalbach and astaroth did. It's just humans and their experiments over dimensionals this time, which I personally find much more interesting because it's much easier to relate to actual humans over interdimensional creatures
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mfw HQ is at New York
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(10-12-2015, 10:58 PM)Khleys Wrote: mfw HQ is at New York
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Clutching to memories
Because UNION is what the United Nations became after the first Dimensional War, and it's located in New York in our world.

.....That's how you know this is a work of fiction: The United Nations actually serves a useful purpose.

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