Translation: Black Lambs Final Cutscene
TL Credit: Kanra

Reporting in, onee-san.
Team Black Lamb, Agent Seulbi and 4 others. We have just accomplished our mission and safely retu-


No way... I saved the game right before the final boss... But why?!

Hey, cheer up! We just saved Gangnam!

...We saved Gangnam, but the game world is now destroyed...

Something like that, you can just buy a new one!

Union is now going to give us A~LOT of bonus payment!

What's important isn't the machine... It's the save data! Uuu....

My fifty hours... groan

Haah... Don't be so down, brother.
We were able to return safely with our bodies unharmed, right?
Let's satisfy ourselves with that.
There's nothing more important then having a healthy body.
Whew. I really did become a "Closer" again...

It's really... Beautiful...

That's right. The scenery of the gates closing is always beautiful no matter how many times you've seen it.

I want to see it again while working as a Closer!
With onee-chans, oni-chan and with oji-san!

Hey. Exclude that 'oji-san'. I told you to call me 'oni-san'.

Aha! Sorry! I will call you oni-san from now on, oji-san!

Erm, hey...

Hey, oji-san!
Oji-san, oji-san! Is your back okay?
You were just lying down on your back until now!

If you've become to the state where you can't perform your duties as a man... I feel sorry for you, ojii-san.

...You guys...! I told you I wasn't a oji-san!
And who are you saying that can't perform duties of a man!?

Uwa! Oji-san became angry! Everybody run!

Onee-san, can I report a bit later?
Everybody worked hard, so I want to leave them be for a while.
I will hold the responsibilities, so-
O-Onee san?

Thank God... Everyone... returned safely... so...

Yes. We're home, onee-san.
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I love it so much, its so nice. Ty for translation post.

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