Translation Can't send any item using mail?
Hello everyone, I'm new in Closers, used to play Elsword KR Gaia long time ago.

I have a problem here. I can't send any item using mail. There's a text that blocks the item/money slot which I don't understand.


Anyone knows what's the text about? And is there any solution?
No,it has been blocked by naddic games due to finding weird amount if money in the server,they are doing that to fix the economy.
Even trade is removed as far as i know.
Ah I see, thank you for the answer. So we can't transfer items until the problem has been solved right?
Yup, but the Black Market is still working.

See here:
[Image: Aiip38z.png]
Okay that clears everything up, thanks.

I hope we get shared storage for each account soon. I need to share some items with my other characters lol.

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