Translation Does anyone wknow what this means?
So, I keep getting this error after my Harpy runs out of stamina, and I give her the stamina drink/potion. I have no clue what this means but my game crashes after this message pops up. If anyone knows what it says and how to get rid of it I'd be INCREDIBLY greatful because it makes the whole leveling up of Harpy so incredibly annoying and impossible. I don't know if it ONLY affects Harpy, as I've been using most of my drinks on her to get the event done. Thank you for your help, I'm really hopeless ;w;
There's definitely glitches with Harpy, including random disconnection when using certain skills/no reason.

If you're getting a pop up then game shutdowns, its definitely a disconnection.

So far I've been getting that issue when using the stomp skill, however my friend is getting the same issue regardless of skill used, so let's hope you can find a way to stop using what makes you disconnect...

Prime suspect is the stomp skill, if its not then I have no idea what it can be.
Oooh, I see. I hope it gets fixed asap. I'd like to make the full of her level up event before the school steals me away. I assumed it had something to do with her stamina, because it only happens to me AFTER I use the stamina drink, I already wasted two of them because of this ><

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