Translation Friend's game isn't working? It comes up with this error:
Hey guys, my friend was trying to load up this game so that we could play, but it came up with this error [Image: L1Kzh1Q] Anyone know what this means and how to fix it?

Thanks if you can't see it
Professional No Life.
Your friend is asked to instal DirectX.

Please send him to for it.
Instructions to instal it can be found in the provided link.

If your friend can't instal DirectX, please tell him/her to instal his/her graphics card drivers. After that is done, tell your friend to try installing DirectX.

There might be a chance that Closers requires an older version of DirectX. In which case, I'll recommend downloading and installing
However, this may not be required and should only be done if the error still persists after installing the latest DirectX patch.

There is the possibility that your friend does NOT have a graphics card. I bought my PC without a graphics card and was running by brain dry trying to figure out why I couldn't instal DirectX. The solution came in the form of a graphics card.

You're welcome.
Thanks bruh
Professional No Life.

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