Translation Hackshield issue?
So, I just downloaded Closers and all. 
But i'm greeted with this message after the few opening movies. 
Then it hangs on a loading screen.

[Image: 8]

For those who cant see the image. 

Thank you in advance, I dont know any korean.. v.v'
Usually,relogging/refreshing website & starting the game again would fix the issue .-.
Thank you so much, I.. seriously didnt know that would actually fix it. Eh.. Should i delete this or.. ? 

But thank you. I did try refreshing and i also actually restarted my computer.. still happened so..    ;-;
"핵실드 서버 접속에 실패하였습니다. 234121480"
"It failed to access server nuclear shield. 234121480"

As you can see,its nothing but a connectivity problem,if you still have the issue,try to use a VPN or any other methode that would reduce your lag/delay with the server (or,keep opening the client multiple times/refresh the page &start the game again till its fixed,that's a solution as well).

And,don't worry about the post,no need to delete anything.

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