Translation I need some help plz :(
[Image: 20158fac3965-2775-4139-85b9-ccdd36cdd0b3.png]
What is this? and how to fix it ?
When did you get the message? It looks like this is when you're just opening the game and it's trying to load, so I'm going to go off of that.
I don't know what the message actually says, but signing out of the Closers website, signing back in, and launching the game again usually fixes it. If not, try restarting your computer.
still doesn't work Sad
[Image: 20150cfdc6b8-54e3-498a-b1c9-31991cce2e75.png]
When I checked it out the translate I was given was "The game perspective is limited , the account status" just a guess you may have a childs account with a possible curfew? Have you been able to play any other times
the day before, I play on all the time, but nothing happens, until today
i don't think this is a child account, I have logged at 10am Korea, and doesn't work
It means your account is blocked. If have done something wrong (such as buying something you shoudn't have buy like.. copied items) that's probably it.
ya, Newgame said that, my account was banned, but i don't know why. Sad
(02-03-2015, 11:01 AM)quang5598 Wrote: ya, Newgame said that, my account was banned, but i don't know why. Sad

I don't know if you are aware of big crisis over past few weeks.

When 'Account storage' was updated, there were minor and major bugs.

One of the major was 'non-tradable' items were able to transfered to 'account storage'

This was quickly fixed, but many people used it to bring non tradable items to get profit.

This was very serious problem because there was an event(which is finished now)

for players. When players create new characters, if they reach certain lv, they were provided with

items that would help them out, and people used it to quickly create and delete..(repeated)

to get profit from out of it.

Eventually Nadic fixed the bug and stopping (still now) bug users, but those items has not been

fully retrieved yet. If you have bought around that time, that might be the problem.

Or.. maybe they have caught you, because you are just unlucky.

Oh.. and please don't talk in English in game, other players might capture what you say and

report it.
well, i had 4 characters, but it was only at level 20, and one is 35. When i create new character, and reach certain lv, they were provided me some poison, that's it. And one more thing, I just played this game for about 5 days. >...<

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