Translation Launcher/Patcher Stuck?
Hey guys,

I am new and I was able to successfully install and play Closers perfectly fine on my Desktop, but my laptop seems to be having a few problems.

I do have NGM installed and when I launch the game through IE (For some strange reason I can't launch it through Chrome, don't know if it's just me, but the NGM is weird and only works with IE properly for me o.o) and I get the following pop-ups.


I get that after I click on start game, and of course I select the left option which brings me to below.


It jumps right to 40% and just gets stuck there. I have restarted it several times, but no luck. Anyone know what the message says? I noticed that I got a different message one time when. I got the above message after letting it sit for about 10~15mins.

EDIT: This is what I get right when it comes up.


This is the message I get right at the start. EDIT: This is actually the message I get after letting it sit for 10~15 mins.


This is just the error message I get after cancelling the program.

Does anyone know what might be wrong? Help would be greatly appreciated.
i don't know the Korean text, but the common way to fix these problem is uninstall everything then re install it and launch the game from a different browser like chrome or firefox. That might fix it/
Well, uninstalling and installing again didn't help at all. This time its getting stuck at around 19% with the same message in third picture above in my post. This is awkward @[email protected] It installed perfectly on my desktop, but having a few problems on my laptop.
Solved. There seemed to be some sort of connection problem using the university's internet, and my home internet (Even though the university's internet is far superior downloading at 8Mb/s, while at home I get max 1Mb/s).

Can't believe it was just some stupid connection problem =/

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