Translation Need quest translation
I have a quest at town 6 and i have no idea which dungeon should i go to find these things, please helpe me out TT_TT
Go to dungeon machines,check for dungeons with a yellow "!" on them,look for the ones with [Image: 0eb67b517365aae8010a196b77394e32.png] on it after putting the mouse on the dungeon's button.
There's no dungeon with yellow ! that's why i asked TT_TT

And when i hover my mouse to all 10 dungeons in town 6 there's nothing show up ...
Click on level 3. It looks like one of the quests where you do the fourth and fifth stage of the zone twice.
You need 2 of 2 types of Drops:
When you're done with quest, talk to Jung Doyeon.
As for where to get them, I found a blog post by a Korean.
You need to do Plane Gate Step 3 Blue Extra Dungeon and Plane Gate Step 3 Extra Boss to get them.
These two:
[Image: aIaWGo8.png]
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