Translation: PC Room Point Shop
You need '유니온의 골드 코인' (Union Gold Coin) to trade for these items:
[Image: kOkYXla.png]

Normally, they're only obtainable if you play in Korea PC Cafe, but for some reason EDM drops them.

The items are on the tab with 'PC' on it on all crafting machines:
[Image: p2ALr9G.png?1]

Shining Phase Fiber Box Contents:
Scavenger's Box of Everything:
  • Green DNA
  • Red orb
  • Blue cross material ish boss drop thing
  • Silver Purple Engine Source thing
  • PG orange folder that you use to craft weapon random box with that black lambs symbol thingy
  • Elite PG Tablet
  • Elite PG Pillar
  • PG Keys
  • Arkham Disc, the thing you use to enter plane gate extra dungeons

UNION Accessory Box Contents:
  • 2-star or 3-star Accessories (Credit: Kanra)

UNION Adv. Accessory Box Contents:
  • 2-star or 3-star Plane Gate Weapon Avatar/Accessories (Credit: Kanra)

UNION Gold Package Contents:
  • One of the following:
    • High End A/B Set
    • Power Extension A/B Set
    • Beyond A/B Set
    • Sporty Look A/B Set
    • Spring Sonata A/B Set
    • Official Agent Set
    • Vibrant New Year A/B Set
    • May Wedding A/B Set
Most costumes can be found on (WIP).

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w0w nice job there m8 =°
Updated with new list

and by new I mean it's been changed a BS long time ago
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woah... That union gold package looks good. But 250 coins... I only got around 70 coins. I haven't tried farming coins yet? How many do I get per EDM? Is it worth farming for?
I wouldn't farm for the Gold Package specifically, but the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday EDMs which drop the coins are worth running. Friday's give red books and purple crystals that go towards crafting Plane Gate gear. Saturday and Sunday's give everything all of the other EDMs drop. (Except Thursday's for some reason. Which is a shame because Thursday has the best drops with fibers, PNA strains, and costume retuning items.)
Nexon: Lol fk u and ur effort we removed gold package l0l0l0l sux it n00b

...I'm going to leave old Gold Package contents for future reference.
thanks to Person for discovering

Edit: I want to move this to wiki ASAP, because it's a pain to constantly have to edit the image, so I won't be updating this thread anymore.
I will prioritize this crafting list before any others to avoid inconvenience.
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Fiber box got removed too btw

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