Translation Request
I'm so confused if anything has been mentioned about it, but I saw the costumes in this and I had to wonder. I'm wondering if there is something in this that hasn't been said before on the patch notes. How to get them, what to get or download etc.. much thanks >.<
[Image: Bdoftp2.jpg]
I'm not entirely sure, but it seems Nexon is trying to promote it's new app?
[Image: 1111q.png]
I think you have to download the app and you'll get costumes... HOWEVER, they are not permenant and last 7 days.
It is Nexon's new mobile game,basically you sign in there,play until you reach a certain achievement,then you get what's mentioned above (on Wutchi's post).

But as it is external & rewards aren't worth mentioning (since they aren't perm,except 5 double exp potions [for 5dungeon runs,and who needs that?]) and it might be troublesome and ask you to do it on a Korean phone or something..

So,i skipped it Tongue but feel free to try your luck with it,all you need is the mobile app,link it to your account somehow & play until you reach a certain achievement.
Thanks a bunch guys. I'm going to skip it as well, I was hoping I wouldn't have to play it, just download it.

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