Translation Skill Cube restrictions?
I often get error messages when trying to assign Skill Cubes to skills. (FMs being the main culprit. Although I DID manage to apply a Cooldown Reduction cube to Rail Cannon.)

Here's what I'm getting when trying to use a Cooldown Reduction cube to Dimensional Singularity:

[Image: X6orAL5.png]

So what exactly are the restrictions on Skill Cubes? Why is it telling me I can't use my Cooldown Reduction cube on Dimensional Singularity but it lets me assign any cube to other skills at will? And why are FMs just plain rejecting cubes in general?
FMs require special FM specific cubes, which only come in the 4 basic variants (Cancel, Resource, CD, Phase Power) dropped from Plane Gate dungeons. They are blue rarirty and have the korean for ": Finishing Move" added to their name.

As for the dimensional singularity one, show me the actual cube. That message says the cube cant be applied to that skill type, which makes me think you're trying to place an FM-only cube in dimensional singularity.
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Yeah, it's a Final Attack cube.

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