Translation: Skills
Some are still subject to change.

Shared Skills
  • 강제 캔슬 - Forced Cancel
  • 긴급 회피 - Emergency Evasion
  • 위상력 개방 - Phase Power Release

Trainee Seha
  • 발포 - Discharge
  • 역전 - Reversal
  • 질주 - Rush
  • 반격 - Counter
  • 결전기 폭령검 - Finishing Move Storm Burst Blade

Intern Seha
  • 공파탄 - Pulse Cannon
  • 충격파 - Shockwave
  • 위상 집속검 - Phase Focus Blade
  • 결전기 유성검 - Finishing Move Meteor Blade

Official Agent Seha
  • 하늘베기 - Sky Slash
  • 영거리 포격 - Point Blank Strike
  • 화염분쇄 - Flame Pulverization
  • 결전기 폭령검 전소 - Finishing Move Incinerating Storm Burst Blade

Trainee Yuri
  • 자동 사격 - Automatic Fire
  • 음속 베기 - Sonic Slash
  • 전탄 발사 - Full Magazine Launch
  • 시프트 - Shift
  • 결전기 유리 스타 - Finishing Move Yuri Star

Intern Yuri
  • 십문자 베기 - Cross Slash
  • 롤링 발칸! - Rolling Vulcan!
  • 차렷! - Attention!
  • 결전기 유리 스페셜 - Finishing Move Yuri Special

Official Agent Yuri
  • 공간제압 - Zone Control
  • 속전속결 - Blitz
  • 제압사격 - Suppressing Fire
  • 결전기 유리 일섬! - Finishing Move Yuri Quick Draw!

Trainee Seulbi
  • 규율의 칼날 - Discipline Blade
  • 화염 폭풍 - Flame Storm
  • 전하 집속탄 - Charged Cluster
  • 반전 - Reversion
  • 결전기 버스 폭격 - Finishing Move Bus Bombing

Intern Seulbi
  • 중력장 - Gravitational Field
  • 염동 결계 - Telekinetic Barrier
  • 전자 폭풍 - Electronic Storm
  • 결전기 레일 캐논 - Finishing Move Rail Cannon

Intern Seulbi
  • 레일건 - Railgun
  • 웜홀 생성 - Wormhole Generation
  • 공간 압축 - Space Compression
  • 결전기 위성낙하 - Finishing Move Satellite Fall

Trainee J
  • 음이온 펀치 - Anion Punch
  • 황토 잡기 - Ocher Catch
  • 오메가3 러시 - Omega-3 Rush
  • 게르마늄 파워 - Germanium Power
  • 결전기 건강의 아침 체조 - Finishing Move Healthy Morning Exercise
Intern J
  • 옥돌 자기력 - Jade Magnetism
  • 칼슘 차징 - Calcium Charging
  • 마그네슘 스트라이크 - Magnesium Strike
  • 결전기 다시 만난 전성기 - Finishing Move Golden Time Again
Trainee Tein
  • 랜스 차징 - Lance Charging
  • 콜 랜스 - Call Lance
  • 토네이도 - Tornado
  • 릴리즈! - Release!
  • 결전기 궁니르 - Finishing Move Gungnir
Intern Tein
  • 랜스 크루징 - Lance Cruising
  • 니드호그 - Níðhöggr
  • 묠니르 - Mjölnir
  • 결전기 라그나로크 - Finishing Move Ragnarok
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J skills added.
Teleia - Level 70 Caster
무한의Hope - Level 61 Witch
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J's skill names are gold.
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Thank you so much for the translation as usual, it really helps me get an image in my head to fully enjoy the game.
Seulbi: Mystio (Lv.40) Yuri: LMAO (Lv.32)
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Seha: CRAP (Lv.21) J: ROFL (Lv.20)
(01-11-2015, 07:58 PM)Khleys Wrote: J's skill names are gold.

This, i concur.

Thankyou Heart
I kind of thought the names for the skills a little differently, although some of them fit. I will copy paste the post that I made on Wiki here:

Before I begin contributing, I'd like to say that in, I translated all 위상력 into Phasic Power, as the term 위상 has never really been used before to describe psychic powers before, and Psychic Powers would necessarily translate into 초능력. But you could still translate into Psychic Powers if you want, but I'd say it's more unique to use "Phase Awakening" or "Phasic powers".

Alright, and since it seems like a lot of skills need translating, I am just going to put my translation for all the skills of all characters currently released right now.

Some of the skill names have been very slightly altered for context. Just like how I decided to use "Phasic".

I like to call Intern "Probationary Agent", but that depends on you. The skills go in order, btw.

Seha Lee (이세하)


Discharge (발포)

Reversal (반전)

Rush (질주) (Blitz sounds more like surprise attack, and it isn't supposed to be.)

Finishing Move: Bursting Blades (결전기: 폭령검)

Probationary Agent: (수습 요원)

Pulse Cannon (공파탄) (Blast Cannon is fine too)

Shockwave (충격파)

Phasic Focus Blade or Phase Focused Blade (위상 집속검)

Finishing Move: Meteor Blade or Finishing Move: Meteor Strike (결전기: 유성검)

Official Agent: (정식 요원)

Soaring Slash (하늘베기)

Point Blank Strike/Blast (영거리 포격)

Flave Pulverization (화염분쇄)

Finishing Move: Bursting Blades: Pulverize (결전기: 폭령검 전소)

Yuri Seo's Skills


Trainee(I guess you don't need the translations from here)

Automatic Fire (자동사격)

Sonic Slash (음속베기) (Supersonic is past the speed of sound, 음속 is just the speed of sound.)

Burst Fire (전탄발사) (As they have not revealed what 전탄 stands for, I translated it more to fix the context. I guess 전 means All, which would make it mean Firing all the Bullets, but since that can't be the skill name... Feel free to fix it into something that fits more into the meaning.)

Finishing Move: Yuri Star (결전기: 유리 스타) (I literally laughed at Electrical Connection. Please fix that, please.)

Probationary Agent:

Cross Slash (십문자베기)

Rolling Vulcan! (롤링발칸!)

Attention! / Get Up! (차렷!)

Finishing Move: Yuri Special (결전기: 유리 스페셜)

Seulbi Lee's Skills



Edge of Discipline (규율의칼날)(I really like whoever translated this.)

Fire Storm / Flame Storm (화염폭풍)

Charged Cluster (전하집속탄)

Finishing Move: Bus Bombing (결전기: 버스 폭격)

Probationary Agent

Gravitational Field (중력장)

Psychic Field (염동결계) (I think Psychokinetic is a little too much, and 결계 stands more for bounded field. Reason I put Psychic here was because 염동 is not 위상.)

Electrical Storm / Electric Storm / Lightning Storm (전자폭풍)

Finishing Move: Rail Cannon (결전기: 레일 캐논)


Anion Punch (음이온펀치)

Clay Grip (황토 잡기)

Omega-3 Rush (오메가3 러시)

Finishing Move: Hygeian Morning Exercise (결전기: 건강의 아침 체조)

Probationary Agent:

Magnetized Marble / Magnetic Marble / Orb of Apprehension (옥돌자기력) (This literally translates into: Marble of Magnetic Force. Since that sounds weird as heck, I compromised and kept as much of the meaning as possible. I mean, you could name it into GET OVER HERE if you really want, but...)

Calcium Charge (칼슘차징) (Although the Korean actually reads Calcium Charging, Calcium Charge sounds more like a skill.)

Magnesium Strike (마그네슘 스트라이크)

Finishing Move: Return of my Heyday (결전기: 다시 돌아온 나의 전성기) (Heyday sounds most appropriate and brief.)

Anyone tell me what they think of this? As I said, I tried to be more to the context as possible then directly translating the text as it sounds weird sometimes as a skill name if that happens.
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(01-11-2015, 07:58 PM)Khleys Wrote: J's skill names are gold.
Finishing Move: Golden Time Again


Yuri OA skills

-공간제압 (Spatial Control)
you could use either suppression or control for 제압. But Control seems better choice judging how the skill looks.

-속전속결(速戰速決) (Blitzkrieg or Blitz warfare or Blitz tactics)
This is a bit older phrase that comes up a lot in military topics. It directly translate into Quick Fight Quick Finish. Aka all out attack to bring an end to the battle fast as possible. Isn't that what ppl at the west call Blitz war tactic(Warfare) or Blitzkrieg? Should be closest word. Or any other skill name that fits the bill.

-제압사격 (Suppressive Fire)

-결전기 유리 일섬! (Finishing Move: Yuri One Flash! or Creative name)
Or single Flash. Yes she's a Blade master.
Although there is no specific term designated to 일섬(一閃) (lit. single flash). It's a popular term(technique) that is used over many medias including many games. But each game I checked that used this term had it translated it differently. So I think there is a room for creativity here. Try coming up with a cool name using following concepts: Single flash of Light, Sword technique, a quick(instant) slash. Or recycle from Elsword and use One Flash owo
(01-14-2015, 01:37 AM)Kanra Wrote: -wall-

Thanks for the input, but I do suggest reading over your post again when copy-pasting older information. A lot of these suggestions are things that we....already use.

(01-14-2015, 07:07 AM)2nafish Wrote: Yuri OA skills

-공간제압 (Spatial Control)

-속전속결(速戰速決) (Blitzkrieg or Blitz warfare or Blitz tactics)

-제압사격 (Suppressive Fire)

-결전기 유리 일섬! (Finishing Move: Yuri One Flash! or Creative name)

Wouldn't "Area Control"  fit better consdering it's not like Yuri has any space-related powers? I know the word spatial in and of itself just means roughly the same as area, but it sounds odd when applied to Yuri. It makes me think about DE from elsword l0l.

I've been thinking about calling the Seha skill Rush instead of Blitz because it makes slightly more sense. This would let us call Yuri's skill Blitz which is a more appropriate term for any fast series of attack. (Whereas blitzkrieg more specifically refers to a certain german war-tactic).

I think One Flash! is the most appropriate even if used in elsword. The KH Zantetsuken works the same, but that's a different word entirely, and "Single-Stroke Battle" is a bit long and doesn't go well with the exclamation mark.

Added and edited.

I know about closers psychic power not being the same as actual psychic power, so if you all want it I can change it to Phase Power instead. I've already been debating this taking one glaring English thing in-game into account: the Phase Locks in dungeons, which are likely intended to be the same type of power.
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