Translation Two red messages that I do not understand..
So I logged in today, to continue my main quests. When I tried to enter the dungeon I was supposed to go to, I got this error message that wouldn't let me in [ ]. Later on, as I was trying to figure out what was wrong I noticed my weapon had something written below it as well [ ]. Now at this point I assumed that my weapon was broken and I looked around the forum to find a guide to repair weapons, I did. I went to shop keeper but there was no repair button. Do any of you know what these two messages mean and how could I fix them? Thank you in advance.
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I got into the same area with my second character, Yuri, and it won't let me enter the dungeon.
1st: Not enough stamina
2nd: Tuning limit reached 0, you need an overclock equalizer to reset the tuning limit if you wish to tune your gear again.

Weapon durability feature was removed few months ago, not enough stamina can be for both character stamina and account stamina as long as one of them reach 0 (you can still do a dungeon with 1~10 stamina)
Ah, I see. Thank you.

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