Translation Weird items
What are these items? c:
They can't be sold and the versions shown in the crafting machine are different from these. Look:
[Image: Aiip38z.png]
Items #1, 2, 3 = Free Inventory Clutter, courtesy of Naddic. I normally throw or sell them. Some quests require them. (It's usually just buff potions for reward)
Items #4, 5 = I would love to know their purpose as well...
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  • Item #4 is for repeatable quest from Sihwan Kim (Area 2 Black Market), you need 3 to clear.
    You pick reward: 1) Medicine Box (idk what's in it) 2) Green Buff Potion Box 3) Trash Bag (has cracks and gems)
  • Item #5 is for repeatable quest from Sihwan Kim (Area 2 Black Market), you need 60 to clear.
    The reward is a box with coin/trophy that you can NPC for money.

Both items can be found from 2-S.
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