Translation What does this mean ?
I just opened browser to Closer's homepage
And i know its maintenance time
But before that, this came popping out
[Image: v5jfV_w_TkiPZuXqU7dMUA.png]

Does it have anything to do with me not be able to collect item i sold on the market ?
[Image: xDRLeJ6TQwKcIhc2SmZT8g.png]

P.S. im worried about a date showing (2067.08.02) usually when they show date so far to the future usually means ban (am i being ban ?)

[Image: SdF0YKB.png]
Basically your account has been restricted and needs to be verified. (I started getting it when someone decided to replug the internet into the port above and couldn't wait 1 min for me to exit the game :/)

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