Translation Why won't it let me sell items on the Black Market?
Whenever I try, I get this error:

[Image: NMF2gwE.png]

I know they're limiting it as part of the plan to stop gold sellers, but I don't recall anything about outright blocking sales.
Bumping because I'm kinda worried too. D:
[Image: Aiip38z.png]
Try selling with the recommended price that they set for you.
The good news is, it DID let me sell for the reccomended price.

The bad news is.....

[Image: eTM23mk.png]

.....So how the hell can I sell my scythe? I tried just 17 million, .5 million less than the next lowest, and it STILL won't let me sell it.
I just got same error.
I'm pretty sure you can't sell because you priced it too low or too high based on market average.
They don't let you sell your item if you do that. (Even if it's only .5m less...)

This is due the trade changes. (
Hope they remove this soon, I hate selling at such low price.

I'll see if my good buddy Google Translate can translate that message later.

"하한가보다 가격이 낮은 금액은 등록할 수 없 습니다"
"Prices are lower amounts than the lower limit is, you can not register"

So yeah pretty much what I said
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So..... now the scythes are going down to 9 million and it won't let me even sell at the same price as the lowest ones on the market.

How the hell are THEY selling them for 9 million?!

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