Translation: Wolfdog - Season 1 Story
Team Wolfdog: Story Rundown

I write these up pretty quick from back of my mind without looking at any sources. So some chronological order might be a little off. Some(or a lot) of grammar might be off since I don't check them. But it should be enough to get the overview of the story.

(Area 1)

As a new recruit to the Disposal Squad named Wolfdog, the members are given a mission to clean up after the Black Lambs left the Gangnam area. While the members obeyed the orders and collected the remains that seemed quite suspicious from their missions, they find out from the Vultures merchant Kinam that the Vultures has a technology of wiping memories.

Being abused by the corrupted UNION Closer Kitae and unwillingly(or willingly) being ordered around by Trainer, Wolfdogs find a place of rest with the university girl So Young.

While they were on the mission to collect suspicious looking remains of a dimensional, they come across the A+ grade dimensional Kiten. Ruling that no more disposal or collecting remains were possible with Kiten around, Wolfdog's manager, Siyoung, asks Kitae, the so-claimed A-Grade Closer to dispose of the creature, or their plans will fail. However, Kitae strangely refuses the job, saying that he needs to store up power and leaving the job to the Wolfdog. Ruling that the members of Wolfdog does not have the ability to beat Kiten by their own, Siyoung sets up a plan to use the squad members as a suicide bomb to damage, or potentially kill Kiten. When the squad members try to refuse, she turns on the choker on them and makes them forcefully obey the order.

The depressed squad members go to So Young, stating their fate and their identity. However, So Young gives them the same friendly attitude even after they've revealed themselves, and tells them to try their best no matter what the situation may be. Motivated by this, Wolfdog members go out to the mission and successfully defeat Kiten without being used as a suicide bomb.

When they come back, however, they find So Young have no memory of them. Feeling utterly destroyed due to the only person who had understood them being wiped of their memories, they go to the manager, Si Young, to try to ask why she wiped the memory and almost kills her. However, due to their chokers activating, they unwillingly submit.

"Ha..Haha...Ahahahahahaha! This is the best! Ah, this is why I love working in Vultures so much!" ~Siyoung

...It turns out that under her cover, she was a sadist.

Wolfdogs are then transported to Guro Station(Area 2) by Ran(Biker), continuing their mission.

(Area 2)

Arriving at Guro Station, they needed a pass from the head of authority there if they needed to go to the mission area. Head of authority, Minwoo, has been given a secret notice to give Wolfdog their pass without asking any questions, but he does not give them the pass due to Wolfdogs not following the standard procedure to get the pass. (Like the righteous authority is supposed to do) However, Siyoung proceeds to threaten Minwoo by stating the technology that is used to keep his younger sister alive was Vultures', and that she has the power to take that technology away if he failed to comply. Minwoo unwillingly submits and gives the pass to the Wolfdogs.

They proceed on their standard mission to collect special remains when they meet the Part-timer Sukbong. Being around the same age, Wolfdog at first stays away from Sukbong due to the fact that he will only lose his memories when he gets too close, but Sukbong's continued effort eventually brings them a little closer.

In order to reach their ultimate goal of the area- the research facility of Kalbach Tux- Wolfdog needed to turn to the homeless people that lived at Guro area for the information. They reached out to Sihwan, the Vultures merchant of the area, who had good terms with the homeless people at Guro. However, since Wolfdog cleared out the remaining squads of the Dimensionals way too quickly, the Dimensionals started retreating towards the living area of homeless people. Sihwan refused to cooperate unless Wolfdog guaranteed the safety of the homeless people. However, Siyoung deliberately pulls in more Dimensionals toward the homeless people, reversely threatening Sihwan. Sihwan also unwillingly complies and works to unlock the lock system of Kalbach Tux's research facility.

"You will feel the wrath of the refugees soon... I guarantee it." ~Sihwan

As the locks of Kalbach Tux's research facility were hacked open, disasters begin to occur at the Guro Station. One of the trains that allowed the Dimensionals to be trapped within the area crashed, and a new Dimensional that had incredible powers showed up. Worried about the safety of the homeless people, Sihwan asks Siyoung to stop briefly, but Siyoung does not listen. Eventually, the angered homeless people riot, making it hard to reach the research facility. Siyoung orders Minwoo and his police forces to use anti-terror weapons to put down the riot. Minwoo refuses and doesn't fall to Siyoung's threatening of his younger sister. However, after Siyoung threatens to order the Wolfdogs to kill innocent rioters, Minwoo unwillingly complies again and puts down the riot with anti-terror weapons.

Trainer, not being able to see the refugees getting harmed any longer(not because he worries for them, but because of long-term effects it might have on the mission) sets up a treaty between him and the refugees with the help of Sihawn. This, however, inevitably delays the mission. Siyoung, who is angry that Trainer did this against her plans, ends up complaining to Vultures, who then ends up giving all rights over Wolfdogs to Siyoung.

However, the new Dimensional that seemed to be safeguarding the facility still remained at large. Seeing no other option was possible, Trainer orders one of the Krizarid type Dimensional to help the Wolfdog team put down the Dimensional. After successfully defeating the Dimensional, they claim what they needed from the facility, and moves onto Shingang High.

Sukbong's memory inevitably gets erased by Siyoung however, and the Wolfdog members simply accept the fact. They become reminiscent of the time Sukbong accepted them even when he knew who they were.

(Area 3)

At Shingang High, Wolfdogs are first ordered by Siyoung to eliminate the Empress Coccoon type Dimensional. When they move to destroy the coccoon, they come across the members of the Black Lamb, who are here to stop them. While being in battle with the Black Lamb, the members of the Wolfdog lose control(Nata- Craze from battle / Levia- Her inner Dimensional coming out by getting slashed with Tein's lance), but their choker activates and is told to fall back by Trainer.

Back at base, Trainer tells that a higher executive than Siyoung has orderedthem to assist the Black Lambs. While Trainer goes to help out Songeun in rescuing David, the Wolfdog members are ordered to give the blood sample of Kalbach Tux to the Black Lambs so they can rescue Hana from Empress Coccoon.

Siyoung reveals that the Wolfdog team has been put under surveillance by the Surveillance Department of UNION, so they can't go around like they have been doing before. Therefore, Wolfdog team temporarily goes back to collecting the remains of Dimensionals to lay low. However, they find that the Krizarid type that helped them defeat the special Dimensional from Area 2 ended up being the only survivor of his kin, and Siyoung orders them  to go rescue the Krizarid type Dimensional. The Krizarid was weakened from his battle with Ashe and Dust(Able to be seen from BL story) and was almost in a state of death, but Wolfdog rescues him. Trainer names the Krizarid type Mamba for ease in calling the dimensional. However, as Wolfdogs hide Mamba in a classroom, theyend up being found by a student, who Wolfdog chases after.

The student ends up being Jeongmi; after being forcefully rescued, Siyoung thinks that it would be "entertaining" if she was told to help cure Mamba, as she hated Dimensionals.(They were the cause of her father's death) Jeongmi, of course, refuses to cooperate at first, but Siyoung threatens her AGAIN by threatening to close down her mother's little market shop. Jeongmi is forced to cooperate with the skills she was taught by Carol. Mamba remarks that not even his kind would stoop low to threatening like Siyoung did.

"You humans are cruel indeed..." ~Mamba

However, Masked Kim didn't sit idly by. Using his powers as a Vice-President of Vultures, he orders Wolfdogs to stop healing Mamba. Wolfdog complies, but as Siyoung and the team is taken off surveillance, Siyoung threartens Kim that she will make the workers under his care sell weapons to Anti-UNION organizations if he fails to comply. He reluctantly complies and the healing on Mamaba continues.

The invasion of Dimensionals ordered by the Dragon Astaroth continues, in order to eliminate the last Krizarid type, Mamba. Astaroth was afraid that Mamba, who could have been possibly more capable than Astaroth himself, may overtake his throne. However, Mamba was most faithful to Astaroth; if Astaroth had directly ordered Mamba to die, he was willing to die. However, since there were no direct orders and he still wished to serve his king, he simply took the treatment.

However, Jeongmi, who couldn't take healing a Dimensional anymore, runs away. Wolfdog chases after her, only to find her trapped by another Krizarid type ordered by Astaroth to kill Mamba. Krizarid uses the negative energy of Jeongmi to summon Puppet Master, a dimensional that can only exist by the negative emotions of humans. Jeongmi is rescued, but another problem is added to the list of things to do.

Siyoung, knowing that the Dimensional will simply cease to be if Jeongmi died, orders Wolfdogs to kill her. However, Mamba, after being under her care for so long, denies being cured by anyone else but her, protects Jeongmi from harm. In the proceeding side quest, Mamba reads Jeongmi's Diary, to which he says he is sorry to have Jeongmi's father be lost in the process of this war against humans and Dimensionals. When Jeongmi questions why he decided to protect her, Mamba simply answers that he thought it was out of courtesy to simply let someone that was healing him die.

Jeongmi, despising Dimensionals as she is, says that she would rather die than continue on healing a Dimensional like him, saying that her father would be disgraced if he saw her like this. To which Mamba replies:

"Your father would have told you to live, by any means possible; no matter what shame and defeat you go through. There are no parents who wish their children to die. At least my parents were like so." ~Mamba

Siyoung, angry that a mere Dimensional would get in her way, plans to tranquilize Mamba and take care of Jeongmi while he is asleep. However, Mamba buys time for Jeongmi by running away with her. However, he is defeated by Wolfdogs while he buys time for her.

"I am sorry, Jeongmi..." ~Mamba

However, when Wolfdogs come back, Masked Kim could not just sit there any longer. As the incident at G-Tower had concluded with the President of Vultures and those responsible in jail, until the Shareholders of Vultures had decided on the new President, the Vice President would take charge. Masked Kim first fired Siyoung, ripping her off of all privileges, and took control of the Wolfdogs. Only thing left to do was take care of Puppet Master that had appeared at the school.

Meanwhile, the treatment to Mamba remained. Although Mamba had to be taken care of, he was saved from being exterminated by request from Jeongmi. Instead, he would be taken as part of the Wolfdogs after the whole incident had settled.

Since Jeongmi was the source of the negative energy that Puppet Master based itself on, Jeongmi traveled together with Wolfdogs to Puppet Master and lured the real Puppet Master out. After having weakened her, Jeongmi places her trust in the Wolfdog members, who gladly defeats Puppet Master, ridding of another problem that lied before them.

When they came back to gladly report, however, they found Jeongmi in somewhat of a trance. Siyoung stood behind them, saying that she had erased Jeongmi's memories. Wolfdogs and Mamba almost charge at her, but she shuts them down with her new remote control. She had apparently planted a device in Mamba's brain while he had been knocked out by the Wolfdogs. Siyoung then drags them to Masked Kim to reveal what had happened.

The Shareholders had chosen Siyoung to be their next president for Vultures.

Masked Kim was shocked: he had even known some of the Shareholders personally. The first thing that Siyoung does taking Masked Kim down from his position as Vice President as a mere worker. Next, she wipes the memory of Minwoo, the police officer that had been forced to cooperate with them all this time, for her..."leisure".  Although Wolfdogs expect punishment, Siyoung says that they have a much bigger job ahead of them.

"...Wasn't the plan over?" ~Trainer
"Of course not. Nothing is over yet.
I won't let them be over. As the new president of Vultures." ~Siyoung
"...Then give us your command. We will follow." ~Trainer

"Alright then, this is the first order to you as the president of Vultures.
Activate the choker of this subordinate of yours."
"...May I ask why?"
"I just want to see it. Is that not a good reason?"
"...No, that alone is enough. I will start."

After enjoying herself at the misery of Wolfdog member being shocked, Wolfdog members move onto G-Tower, where the final phase of their plan was about to continue...

(Area 4)

Wolfdogs had arrived at G-Tower after Black Lambs had defeated Hechatonkeires and Astaroth. When they arrive, Siyoung orders Wolfdogs to go around and collect the remains of Hechatonkeires again, while she orders Trainer to attack the vehicle that was travelling to UNION research facility to deliver the mysterious object from the outer dimension.

When Wolfdogs continue on with their missions, Caroliel(Carol) comes and intervenes, saying that she can't verify what they were doing as an UNION Scientist. However, Siyoung shows her face to Carol; they had known each other from high school. Siyoung had apparently bullied Carol to the point where the only person Carol could listen or rely to was Siyoung...Until Yujeong had rescued her from that misery.

When Carol refuses cooperating with Wolfdogs to rebuild Hechatonkeires, Siyoung threatens(AGAINNNN) to cut off and shut down all the orphanage that Carol had been secretly supporting, which would leave all the kids out on the streets. Unable to imagine such a sight, Carol, like all others, unwillingly comply to Siyoung. She had gone back to the days of high school when she had no choice but to listen to Siyoung.

Serin also comes to G-Tower, who was rescued by Wolfdogs from the vehicle that Trainer had destroyed. Serin similarly refuses to cooperate with Wolfdogs and Siyoung, but Siyoung threatens AGAINNN to blame her for all the incidents that had happened in Gangnam, which Vultures had the power to do so. Serin also ends up not being able to contact anyone outside, even though she had the means to with her telepathy power.

The mysterious object that Trainer had recovered from the vehicle was piece from the outer dimension- Siyoung orders Vultures workers and Masked Kim to make a device with that material into what we know as Plane Gate- to reach the Dragon's Territory that had disappeared from Gangnam's clouds.

Meanwhile, Mamba had evolved from being a Krizarid type into a Dragoon Blaster type. He is utterly destroyed by the fact that he has a device within his head that makes him unwillingly submit to Siyoung and her plans.

Wolfdogs, clearly, were not happy with the treatment, and asked Trainer whether he really wanted to carry this out. His words were simple: "We simply carry out their orders."
Wolfdogs was disappointed with Trainer, to which he replies:

"Listen well. It is because you expect something to happen that you become disappointed. If you don't expect anything from the beginning, then there are no chance of being disappointed with anything."

However, he was curious of where this plan went. While Wolfdogs were constantly ordered by Siyoung to do the dirty work, Trainer went out and investigated against the order he was given.
When the Wolfdogs contact him again, he was under the shock treatment from the choker since he had ignored Siyoung's orders. However, he explains the scheme behind this mad plan that Siyoung and Vultures had in mind...

They were planning to sell Hechatonkeires and take Mamba to the throne of the Dragon, and then turn Mamba into an Astaroth type to turn him into a weapon also.

Originally, Vultures had planned to have Hechatonkeires built and be destroyed by Gitae Kim, the A-class agent. This was necessary in order to somewhat cleanse the remnants of Hechatonkeires from its soul, and to be able to reassemble it again with a controlling device of the beast itself. As for Mamba, they had planned to have Mamba become Astaroth type Dimensional at the Dragon's Throne, and then control him through the use of the device that they had planted within Mamba. With this, they would have Hechatonkeires AND Astaroth and his Dragon's Legion in control at the same time. With these Dimensional Army in their control, they planned to sell this to the higher ups of the government- who would use it as their means of destruction in order to control UNION who had been growing too strong. When there are Dimensionals, Closers will have to be dispatched there. So on.

As Trainer describes it, if this were to happen, it would be the beginning of the "Age of Fear", where everything would be controlled by the higher ups of the government. This was why Siyoung was able to become the President and have no obstacles in her plan; the government was behind her.

When Trainer finishes explaining, Siyoung shows up. Since she thinks that it was too late for them to do anything to stop her now, she leaves them be. Wolfdog really wants to do something- But Trainer remains silent, undecided.

Meanwhile, the Plane Gate is complete and the grid is set at the Dragon's Territory. Siyoung orders Mamba to get to the Dragon's Throne and become the new Astaroth. Mamba struggles on his decision on the trip to the throne. He did not want to be a puppet of Siyoung, simply to be used as she wished. However, upon being motivated by the Wolfdog member(Nata: "Is this the only thing you are capable of? Giving up and crying?" / Levia: Mamba is disappointed by Levia, a Dimensional, looking more human and now almost being human itself. Mamba renounces the title of Dragon's Legion on Levia, and goes to become Astaroth out of disappointment and rage.), Mamba decides that he will become Astaroth and try to get over the device that has been planted within his head.

At the Dragon's Throne, Mamba is finally reborn into the new king of the Dragon's Legion: Astaroth(Named Astaroth Weapon on text). Even after becoming Astaroth, the device still had its effect. However, Mamba retreats away, being able to suppress the influence of the device for now.

When Wolfdogs come back, Trainer finally gives them the answer. But he briefly delves into his past. Before, he was part of the team Wolf Pack, a team of Closers who had grown immensely strong and had a great influence. (Yes, this is the same team where Seha's mom and J(!!!) was on.) One day, they were sent on one mission aimed by the government to reduce the number of Wolf Pack and its power. During that mission, they saw something- something that was deeply connected with the world's future. It wasn't anything good. Some team members still did not give up hope, and tried to persuaded others to fight until the end. Some completely lost all hope and did not find any meaning in life: Trainer was one of these people. When the government had commanded to hand over one agent to pay for their "success", Trainer willingly submits himself to the government and prepares to be executed. However, right before his execution, he is taken out by Vultures, the choker was put on, and was made the loyal dog of Vultures.

When he found out the plan of Siyoung though, something had come back to him. Flame had lit back on his heart. He asks the Wolfdog member to help him stop the madness, although he didn't want to force them. Wolfdog gladly complies, and he tells them to lay low for now.

One by one, the Wolfdog members succeed in turning the members of G-Tower against Siyoung. Masked Kim was only waiting for the moment when Trainer would stand up for himself, Carol finally decides to stand up for herself, and Serin is awakened by Wolfdog rising up for themselves. Trainer asks them a final question:

"Will you be a wolf, or will you be a dog to Vultures?"

We shall be the wolves.

However, after making repeated trips to the outer dimension, the body of the Wolfdog members weren't able to be at a stable state. The collision between 1st Phasic Power and 2nd Phasic Power was wrecking their body. In order to solve this problem, they needed to reach the 3rd Phasic Power- power only possible when they are given power by Dimensional. Siyoung knew this problem, but deliberately sent Wolfdog members to the outer dimension to dispose of them without a notice. There was only one possible way: Mamba. However, if Mamba was to give his portion of power to Wolfdogs, he would have to eventually submit to the device that is within his head...

When Wolfdog member asks Mamba to grant them a portion of his power to be able to survive, Mamba ponders for a little bit.

"...I see. It is only a matter of time that I will fall to the device. Like others, I will entrust my fate to you." ~Mamba

With that, Mamba gives the power of Dimensional to Wolfdogs, and then submits to the device.

Now with Astaroth under her control, Siyoung uses the Dragon's Legion to destroy Gangnam and record an "advertising footage". Meanwhile, Vultures merchants that appeared before, such as Kinam and Sihwan, secretly contacts Masked Kim and provides him with necessary info and backup from outside. Refuges from outside Gangnam(which had been cut off communications all this time under Siyoung) are let into the city to film and inform the whole world of the truth that had been occurring, and Hechatonkeires was respectively suppressed. Siyoung, after finding out that the tables have now turned around, becomes angry and almost ends up using the choker. However, Carol, now deciding to stand up for herself, goes against Siyoung and tranquilizes Siyoung to sleep. Threat had been removed for now.

While Siyoung is asleep, Wolfdogs and other people quickly tries to take care of all the other mess. They had to remove the device that was within Mamba's head. Serin comes up with the idea that while Wolfdogs are fighting with Mamba, she will use her mental phase powers to invade Astaroth's mind and eliminate the device that had been planted. This works out successfully, and Mamba is freed from the control of the device.

When Siyoung wakes up, most of the mess had already been patched up. However, she goes to Masked Kim and reveals one more thing... She had planted a poison gas within the Dragon's Legion that is lethal to Dimensionals. When she activates it, the members of the Dragon's Legion will be forced out of its territory into the human world through Plane Gate again...

When they ask her why she was doing such things when all plans had failed, she simply replies...

"I didn't have any plans to sell those things from the beginning.
I had only wanted to witness hell... The sight of beautiful hell that might unfold with them." ~Siyoung

Fifteen years ago, there was a Dimensional breakout that happened in the school of a little village. However, no Closers were dispatched. This was due to Vultures, wanting to test out the new poison gas weapon that was supposedly lethal to Dimensionals. When all members of the school had evacuated, they deployed the gas. However, Siyoung, who was stuck in her locker by her bullies at the time, was still at school.

When she had come out of the locker, the world around her was a mess; Dimensionals were melting and dying left and right. When she saw this as a child, she had felt ecstasy from seeing all the Dimensinals in pain. When she was rescued out of the incident, the doctor had told her that her respiratory systems have been damaged and she would not make it past 20.

When Kim(who was not aware that this sort of experiment had happened at all) asks whether all of this was for her revenge for Vultures, she replies no. It was only to recreate the hell that had broke loose on her childhood- everything for her sadistic nature.

"Don't you get it?! I am the greatest merchandise that Vultures had ever created!"

When they try to detain her again, she escapes, ingesting a potion that makes her not noticeable by Dimensionals. When Wolfdogs chase her to the end, they find her at UNION Turret, in front of Hechatonkeires. Siyoung did not want to die as the gods have destined her to be with her limited life. She wished to end her life with her own choice, and travel to hell. For a sadist like her, hell would be yet another place of enjoyment.

"I will wait for you there. With a new choker for you to put on..."

She then controls Hechatonkeires to smash her. She dies.

With the impact of poison gas that had been sprayed all over Dragon's Territory right before her death, Dimensionals from Dragon's Legion started spewing out of Plane Gate for survival. The Wolfdogs had no choice but to fight Mamba and stop the wave of Dimensionals from Dragon's Legion.

While Nata, on a depressed note, comply, Levia is at an identity crisis. She had to kill the only one brethren that was left. However, Trainer and Kim asks her to maintain her posture with the "human heart" that she had... And even if she were to join Mamba, Trainer said that he will be the one to kill Mamba and her.

With the members of Wolfdog making up their minds, Trainer goes out to block the wave of Dimensionals getting out into the city while Wolfdogs get to the Dragon's Throne to fight Mamba.
For Nata:

After having been rivals and quarreling from time to time, the two finally come head to head.

Even if the Dragon's Legion were to survive, there would be nowhere for them to go. The Dimensionals won't accept them since they've done this wild act which was against their caution, and the humans, of course, weren't going to accept them.

"Nata, my final, my greatest enemy... The time has finally come where we settle things for each other." ~Mamba
"Hah! Are you still crying over your fate? You are pathetic.
I didn't come to fight with a crybaby.
I've come to fight a guy that arrogantly says that he is the most powerful being in this world!" ~Nata
"...You are right. Don't worry, I shall use all the power that I have with this battle. It is not a fight in order to die. It is a fight to let the whole world know of the true power of the Dragon's Legion! Fight, with all that you have!" ~Mamba
"Kekeke! Now that's better! Don't worry, Mamba! I shall defeat you through and through!" ~Nata

However, his power was already weakened from the poison and the portion of power that he had given to Wolfdogs. Mamba asks whether Nata would like the power of the Dragon's Wrath and Dragon's Territory in order to become the new king of Dragon's Legion, and to perhaps preserve it. Nata doesn't need any of that.

"...But I will commend you for your efforts. It was a fun fight."
"...Yes, it was, fight for me, also."

Mamba, simply smiling at Nata's answer, takes back the portion of the power that was within Nata(If it stayed there, it would bring his body to shambles), and takes the final blow.

"Ah...The Dragons before me... I shall join you...!"


For Levia

Levia comes to Mamba, where he says that Dragon's Legion will meet its end either way.

"Of course, you, Levia, will survive. But the moment you chose humans, you are not our brethren anymore, Levia.
Your consciousness is that of human's. Your will and your consciousness itself is allowing you to stay as what you are right now.
You are an Egg within an Egg. The moment you lose your humanness, the current form will simply shatter and the you inside you will awaken.

I shall now fight you in order to break that humanness, the egg apart. I shall defeat you, and awaken the beast within.
And with that, we will show the final weapon of the Dragon's Legion: and with it, our final will.
If you want to protect humanity and your human heart, so be it... Fight with all you can."

"...I don't want to fight. ...However, I need to protect humanity. Now just for other humans, but mine also! I will fight you, Mamba-nim. Doing so, I will protect humans and myself!"

However, his power was already weakened from the poison and the portion of power that he had given to Wolfdogs.

"...Levia, you have chosen humans until the very last. I will not rebuke your decision. However, be afraid of the beast within..."

"I shall protect myself. I am not an egg within an egg. I am Levia, a Dimensional with human heart!
Until the very last moment, I shall protect this human heart that I have!"

"...Good. Then continue your allegiance to humans, Warrior of the Humans."

Mamba, simply smiling at Levia's answer, takes back the portion of the power that was within Levia(If it stayed there, it would bring his body to shambles), and takes the final blow.

""Ah...The Dragons before me... I shall join you...!"


Meanwhile, Plane Gate was fixed and the coordinates of Plane Gate was fixed to elsewhere besides the Dragon's Territory. The situation has been finished.

Vultures, after all this big incident, has decided to put Masked Kim to be the president of Vultures. The first thing that Kim did was demilitarize Vultures, dismissing all Extermination Squads and Phasic Weapons that they had. As for the Wolfdogs, however... The UNION and the government, who were at odds at each other for the entire incident, decided that they will take each other's hand in order to cover up all of the atrocities that they had planned and failed. The blame all came down to Wolfdogs, as their face was publicly known through Siyoung using them publicly. Therefore, Vultures could not keep Wolfdogs or its members anymore; it had no choice but to dismiss them.

"Hoo...Hoohahahahahahahaha! Hahahahahahaha!"
"Ah, I apologize. It was just that the situation was too funny to handle. There is one thing that Siyoung had right. If a person becomes too nice, then he ends up becoming an idiot."
"What do you plant to do from now?"
"We shall run. We shall run until the hunters become exhausted. And then..."
"And then...?"
"And then we, the wolves, will rip apart the throat of the hunters that are exhausted..."


When Nata and Levia comes back, Trainer informs that they have been placed under bounty, and Carol and Serin had already recieved the memory wipe treatment from government agents. Although they are angered by the fact that all their work has come back to stab them from the back(Especially with Levia), there was no choice. They had to start running, and it wouldn't be a while until the blames would be cleared out...

They decide to first move onto Disaster Repair Center, and help out with restoring the damages done on this incident. They meet majority of the people that had their memories wiped... And it brings the memories back from them.

Although they are faced by Minwoo and Ran who had received the bounty call from the government, Ran lets them off since Sihwan had told Ran that they are not the bad people. Minwoo, after witnessing the Wolfdogs helping out with the restoration, dictates out of his own jurisdiction that they aren't bad and therefore does not arrest them. Meanwhile, the terrorists were brewing in Korea. While Trainer intended to ignore them and use the chaos to escape first, he ends up formally "asking" the Wolfdog members to help stop the terrorism. Nata agrees since it's the first time Trainer asks him, and Levia agrees because she was worried about it from the beginning. After they stop the terrorists from their plot, they plan to move onto the airport, where they will hijack an airship.

They had a long journey ahead of them...
[Image: HjlZeRz.gif]
I thank you very much for the translation =) It helps me out a lot^^
Holy **** Siyoung is evil.

Like, every time I learn more about her, she just gets more evil. What's next? We learn she likes to stomp kittens in her spare time?
Piece of **** Siyoung.

She died an easy death.

How disappointing.
Woah, nice story indeed, thanks!
Bleh. I enjoyed watching Siyoung die before I knew what was actually happening.

Now that I know she died on her own terms.....

And I know they had to write the story the way they did in order to justify reusing the same stages for both teams and all, but Vultures was able to just reconstruct Hecatoncheires and deploy it again just like that?! Where the hell were the Black Lambs?!
So Siyoung was just another sadist who enjoyed suffering, huh? Well, good riddance to her.

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