Translation on quest plz =(
hey guys I'm probably at the wrong place but what the heck.i have a question anyone kind enough to tell me what I have to do to this quest ?:[Image: 29az03c.png] much appreciate it oh btw any English speaking guild in the game ???
It named "Try the Special Area of Operation"
(I personally short it as 'SpecOps' as I don't know you guys call it)

that quest is to clearing the SpecOps zone twice, get 2 Clear Coin and report back to Trainer in Area 2.

AO that gives coin is this(on the second line of the SpecOps panel(red alarm icon)

S-1: Luring Extermination Mission
S-2: Skyscraper Lure Mission
S-3: Andras Extermination Mission

after that, Trainer gives a repeatable mission to clear 5 times. it is not cost+time efficient so it can be ignored

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