Translations: AoS Item Database
Translations regarding Closers PvP mode - AoS. A full guide on AoS itself will come soon-ish (probably tommorow...?)

Warning: This list is incredibly long. Items may also repeat because they fall under multiple categories.
Also do note that these items are subject to change since AoS is still in Beta phase even though the game has officially launched. If there are any translation errors or anything noteworthy feel free to comment.

Attack Category
[Image: f9Rh8t4.png]
[Image: 1Q7BQ1Z.png]
[Image: aszy8GV.png]
[Image: TqPfWyA.png]

Skill Category
[Image: 6cGVWbj.png]
[Image: Cq4y4Es.png]

Defense Category
[Image: 8SmCXh7.png]
[Image: 1ZRCf6u.png]
[Image: yOvNucR.png]

Speed Category
[Image: U00H9o2.png]
[Image: Ha6F93y.png]

Functional Category (Passives, Auras, Actives)
[Image: Tv1ND9z.png]
[Image: MNXHd9g.png]

Consumable Category
[Image: Exp0XTz.png]
Praise the lord!

You put two Entanging roots in the same category.
Thank you so much for the translation!
thank you so much for this~
IGN: Lacie슬비
I love you, marry me
No longer active
Thankyou Heart
is this a items are some kind of boss drops? o3o
You buy them with the Credits you earn from killing trash mobs. You can buy them while dead or healing at Ash/Dust.

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