Translations : Character Status
Some simple translations that people may want to know.


[I] Basic Tab
[II] Rank Tab
[III] Circle Tab (Probably what's going to be the game's guild system)

[I] Basic Tab
[Image: GiGNGhV.png]
1. Basic Window
2. Rank
3. Circle
4. Character Information
5. Basic Status
6. Detailed Status
7. Equipment

- More information -
Character Information includes levels, character name and rank.

Equipment is divided into Core (Left slot, your weapon type), Modules (Upper Slots, your weapon modifiers) and Shields (Lower Slots, your armor types)
For more information on Equipment, view this guide.

Basic Status Translations
[Image: hzi99ei.png]

Detailed Status Translations
[Image: YIsPXF6.png]

[II] Rank Tab
[Image: 4qAflRA.png]

1. Character Name and Current Rank
2. Conditions for the next examination and promotion

Ranks are as follows so far, Trainee, Intern and Agent
Conditions for the next rank up will vary.

A group system that hasn't been implemented yet. Translations and such will be done when the system has been released.
GUILD. hypehypehypehype
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I should download all this info, it's very useful
thanks for xlate!
Very nice! I thought the last two lines on basic tab, item 7, were physical attack and magic attack critical. Now everything is crystal clear. Smile
This is very useful, thank you xD

In fact this gives me an Idea too

Soo many stats.

Thanks for the translation!

[Image: 2gwgjsw.jpg]
Striker: Lv. 42 | Caster: Lv. 52 | Ranger: Lv. 45
Fighter: Lv. 38
| Lancer: Lv. 39
Hunter: Lv. 39 | Witch: Lv. 24 |Rogue: Lv. 43 
Arms: Lv. 51
Awesome. Now I don't need to remind myself>
"Hey, this word meant ASPD right...? **** I forgot my Elsword days.

Right. After some more testing and what not, the thing that was previously thought to be Evasion is false. Evasion does not exist in Closers. The last 2 lines in the basic window and the similar lines in the detailed window are actually Physical/Magical Defense Rate.

What does this mean? Your defense negates X % written on the status and is given by the shields you equip.
Then what of Physical/Magical damage reduction? A separate stat that can so far only be obtained from Gear Tuning.

Updating the first post with correct info.
How much your defence can scale? Not too sure.


Closers KR Information
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» Other Timezones: 1PM PDT | 3PM EDT

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