Translations for chat/Friend UI
Hi, anyone know what each tab of the chatbox does? Also, need translations for the Friend UI. I accidentally removed someone trying to send them a message...

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(02-17-2015, 01:48 AM)Alice_myon Wrote: I accidentally removed someone trying to send them a message...

i am sorry for you but that is hilarious lol

i get so kabobbled with all the forum subsections and the prefixes in each section, but im pretty sure this is the right sub-section, you just should've used the translation request prefix (if it's there???)
Okay, thanks for being a big help!
i really wASNT LOL
im hoping if we bump this enough someone will be kind enough to translate it (bc i dont think anyone has)
though i suppose since its going at the rate of slow you could just keep fiddling with it until you get an idea
that sucks tho
I can help if you provide me a screenshot of the menu that opens when you click someone.
I don't have anyone online in my friends list now, so I can't look by myself.
[Image: Aiip38z.png]
On it, give me a little.

[Image: 0b80034883.png]
Not totally clear on what "Circle" is referring to, is that this game's clan system? It's literally "seokeul," so I guess so.
Chat is also a literal translation, but "messaging" would be an acceptable and probably more accurate alternative.
[Image: 6da4f5e9c6.png]

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