True Damage can be mitigated?!
Yes, I do believe it is so.

All screenshots are Flame Pulverization's first hit, Aerial and Back Attack, with Phase Power and Phase Focus Blade active.

[Image: bLKsA0w.jpg]

First of all, this one bothers me because the Plane Gate light blue set gives him +20% Unarmed damage. However, he does less to this Unarmed miniboss than in the following two screenshots:

[Image: 8jUhc1q.jpg]

[Image: eL8IESN.jpg]

They are both Light and Heavy enemies respectively. But less damage is dealt to the enemy I have a damage bonus against?

Here's the R-1 and R-2 bosses on Stage 3, The damage is never entirely consistent between enemies, but HERE they both take around the same amount of damage:

[Image: aiOFoT7.jpg]
[Image: oYKZtQo.jpg]

And last, the one that really tipped me off:

[Image: u8iV9xq.jpg]

This guy takes less than half the damage of everyone else.

So, I don't know what to make of this. True Damage is something we were led to be unmitigatable. Not just the Defense stats, but also damage reduction from being knocked down and Vites' crystals are also ignored by True Damage.

.....But Troll Lord guy here, he is DEFINITELY taking mitigated damage. Everyone else is taking 600k+. He takes under 300k.

Is there some kind of hidden modifier that mitigates even True Damage? Apparently so. But then why is the damage inconsistent between other enemies as well? It can't be level difference damage reduction since the two enemies to take the highest damage are level 60 while the level 55 bosses are on the lower range. I only have the 20% bonus damage against Unarmed enemies as part of the set bonus, but even the Unarmed miniboss takes less damage than the boss of the same stage. And I created the same circumstances for every screenshot: The same bonuses are in play for each of them.

.....But the damage is not even consistent between any two targets.

Does anyone that has figured out the damage calculations know just what is going on here?
Pretty sure there's defense (raw number) and defense (reduced damage %).

I believe true damage only ignores raw defense and not the % one,also,do note that plane gate bosses got some weird defense buff on a patch note,reducing critical chance (and probably critical damage? i totally forgot).

As for penetration,it works this way:
For flat number penetration,ignore the amount of flat defense.
For % penetration,if monster have 50% defense (dmg reduction) and you have 10% penetration,you will deal damage to it as if it had 45% defense (dmg reduction).

The whole damage calculation thing is weird imo..

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