Trying to rebuy a purchased product
No no, This is not a scam thread or plea notice. This is regarding to the UNION store's system. 

In short, once you buy an item with NX, it ends up in your basket under your item window. When you click on your purchase, you will get 정약절회 =Withdrawal and구메확정 =Purchase confirmed.I asked for the translation after I misclicked Withdrawal, which refunds your purchase and LOCKS you from rebuying that item. You will know it is locked because it will have that buzz sound. 

Now I am familiar with the system and want to rebuy that locked item again, how I do this ? Thanks.
Rip... I never knew this could happen infact
Well, It is helpful for remorse buyers though but for us who doesn't understand a smidge of korean, this is 50% what will happen

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