Tuning Option Error/Emergency Maintenance Compensations and Maid Costume
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Tuning Options/Emergency Maintenance compensations

For every Closers that had the tuning option error after 08/20 update, there will be compensations for them, which will be distributed throughout 08/21.

*Compensation Targets
 A.  All Equipments and Costumes that are of Level 47+ that had the tuning options that were removed in 08/20 patch

Following compensations will be given for Closers who experienced this problem:

1. Compensation for Equipment that had pre-revamp tuning options (Options temporarily changed to D-Rank 추가 아이템 발견 1%)
1) Plane Gate Equipment Compensations
 - For every equipment that had the problem, a Overclock Equalizer(Tuning Reset) will be given.
- Depending on the amount of tuning attempted on the equipment, an additional Overclock Equalizer will be given. (One per every 7 tries on Elite, and One per every 9 tries on Legendary)
 - For every tuning slot that had the wrong option, 3 Overclock Tuning Component will be given.
 - For every tuning option attempts that experienced an error, credits will be given.
2) Non-Plate Gate Equipment Compensation
 - For every equipment that had the problem, an Overclock Equalizer will be given.
 - For every tuning slot that had the wrong option, 3 Overclock Tuning Component will be given.

2. Compensation for when Tuning was attempted on an option that was under revamp, and the options became stacked or became an immoderate tuning option
1) Costumes where tuning was attempted (Shoe/Waist/Arm)
 - Depending on the amount of tuning attempted, Component and Equalizer will be given.
2) Costumes where it had the wrong tuning option(Although Tuning wasn't attempted, if the problem option was there)(Shoe/Waist/Arm)
 - 2 Components and 1 Equalizer that fits the Costume grade will be given.

3. 08/21 Emergency Maintenance Compensation (Distribution Complete)
1) Target: Every Closers that connects before 08/27 Maintenance
2) Reward
 - Given for Every Character > Union's Supply Box
: Percentage HP/MP Pill x10, Revive Capsules x10, Elite(VIP) Package (1day), Three types of Talisman x3
 - Given for Every Account > Mini-Washing Machine 1x (Dimension Conversion)

Source 1

Maid Costumes

Some of you might be wondering where the maid costumes are.

Due to many players complaining that Maid costume coming from RNG gods were a little too overbearing, Naddic took it out of Dimension Conversion(RNG) and proposed that they would think up of new way to sell the costume. They have not explicitly said how they will sell it, but it probably will not be RNG.

However, the people who did get it out of RNG Dimension Conversion was able to keep it, and they also had the option of refunding. So you might still see some hanging around.

Please wait until Naddic has come up with a better way to sell the Maid costumes.

Source 2
[Image: HjlZeRz.gif]
Tuning compensations have been delivered!

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