Union Medal Uses
This is a list of what Union Medals can be used for and how much they cost, I need someone to fill up, cause I forgot a lot.
1. Skill Slot Expansion (3,300 UM)
2. Inventory Expansion (1st Row : 1000 UM, 2nd Row : 2000 UM)
3. Bank Expansion
4. It can halve the cost of US/Character Slot Expansion prices. (P sure bout this)
( For example : If an item costs 30000 NX, it will only cost 15,000 NX and 15,000 UM )
5. Market Slot Expansion (2,900 UM)
Y0L0 SW3G!!!1!!!
Market Slot Expansion too
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Market slot expansion costs 2,9k, at least the first one, idk if the price will increase, skill slot costs 3,3k
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Doesn't have. It subsidizes the union points to act as discount to the original NX price.

And Skill slots are 3.3k

You can also use union coins to buy costume slots for weapon and accessories. I'm not too sure what they do, I think it's something similar to wardrobe in Elsword though.
No longer active
Updated, will work on some more later.
Y0L0 SW3G!!!1!!!
Wish there were more ways to earn UM. :\
What would be the most recommended item to even get from up there o.o;?

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