Unlocking Module and Shield Slots
Edit: I've recently made a new character, and it seems that you need 20 blue dusts in order to pass one of the armor quests.
I rarely dismantle, so this is probably the reason why a large majority of my characters lack armor slots; and why I thought you needed to do 1-S for the quest... Q_Q

I'm confused as f*** as to how you're supposed to unlock them.

Some people say you have to do a quest that requires rainbow dust/crystal.
Some people say you have to just do all the main dungeon story and side quests.

MEANWHILE, I'm unlocking my slots through doing 1-S quests and Area 2 Side Quest...

So I was wondering if everyone could tell me which quest they did to unlock their slots, if they remember. :/

I play Seha, by the way...if that has anything to do with it
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You should be able to unlock them by simply doing every single green and story quest you're given EXCEPT the special mission quests. Those are optional.

I hadn't done any quests in 1-S, 2-S or 3-S until like level 38, and unlocked them all.
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Well it's definitely not just doing all the main story quests. My level 41 Seulbi has been following them and her third module and sixth shield slot is still locked.
By area 2 (Guro Station) you should be able to have all slots unlocked.
Just make sure you did all the side quests as well.
Only light blue quests are repeat quests so you can ignore those.

The last one I did 20mins ago that unlocked my final slot was the one that needs 15 of those colorful dust.
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You have to do the sidequests on the 2nd map iirc. I did all of them and all slots are free. It was somewhere around lvl 21-26
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