Unofficial Closers English Translation Project
I am sorry to inform that we are permanently shutting down the Closers English Project.

It has a lot of factors into it- for one, after a certain patch Naddic did regarding how strings are displayed in game, the patch continued to have disconnection issues on some strings throughout the game. With no way to tell what exactly is causing this disconnect and seeing that the problem did not resolve itself throughout the months, we see no possible way to bring the patch back.

For another, we were severely lacking on staff for the patch. It's been mostly a two man squad in between me and Person in keeping up the patch and translating the content, which I wasn't even able to do properly in the last few months because of my personal circumstances. There were too many things in-game yet not that many capable to actually work on the patch, review, and QC. We were not going to be able to keep up the quality that we had so far and it was going to reach stalemate of no additional translations with my current schedule, so I saw fit to state an end to the project along with this technical difficulty we cannot solve.

I sincerely apologize to whomever had been using the patch. I haven't translated much within the game, but to some, I imagine it was enough of a gateway to play the KR server. But I can't promise the upkeep of this English Patch anymore. Playing on KR server for some may go back to the hard days, but I hope you'll be able to soon adjust and there will be others who will help when you are having trouble within the Closers HQ Discord.

As always, have fun Closing.

~Kanra 2018

[Image: RPP10Kq.gif]

This project is discontinued until further notice.


"I can't believe this is better than Closers ID translations." ~Kanra, 2017

Welcome to the Unofficial Closers English Translation Project!

This is an unofficial project started by few people within the ClosersHQ community to translate the game into English, thanks to Yukarin who was able to unpack the files into an edit-able state. As there are almost 42 MB worth of text(In terms of text, that's a **** ton.), we will be releasing this first with partial translations of majority of the UI. We plan to improve our translations and do more over time, so please do wait patiently.
However, with the use of the patcher, you will be able to grab the most recent translations from us as soon as we push them into the branch. The details for that will be discussed down below.

Also, keep in mind that the quest dialogues are LAST on our priority list. As much as it is interesting to translate them out and some people are curious about how the story unfolds, it is simply too large of a text to go through with limited amount of people. We want to complete all the other parts such as UI and Skills first, and then get down on quests if we have enough resources to do so.
Until then, please use the wiki to check game-related data that we've compiled over time for additional info, including the story summary. Since most of the information has already been translated already, this should generally be a quicker process. Hopefully we'll be able to show this patch off with 100% completion in due time.

Hopefully this patch will make Closers more accessible for the general English public. Have fun closing the gates, Closers!

[Image: 2O6RzfD.png][Image: cz7H4RV.png][Image: j8lNwIW.png][Image: oEjYeHd.png][Image: CxNjS2L.png][Image: BA2cfQA.png]

Will I get banned for using the English Patch?

Can you? Yes. Will you? Probably not.

This is the same case with us playing Closers KR in the first place- we are foreigners. We aren't supposed to be able to play Closers KR in first place and the fact that we are buying KR accounts and essentially taking someone else's identity goes against terms and agreements in itself. Using external programs goes against the terms of service, much like how FOREIGNERS aren't supposed to be able to play the game in the first place.

However, will the developers actually take action for this? No. Much like how they are aware that foreigners play the game but don't do strong regulations against it, it's simply not within their radar to get all of the foreigners out of Closers KR. As such, it won't be within their radar to regulate translation patches. There really is no "win" for them.

Think of the Elsword voice patcher- it's publicly available and many people use it to swap out voices in the game. Did KoG actually take action against it despite a wave of videos on Youtube with voice swap being in action? No. It's still an external program so it goes against their terms and agreements. But it's not "abusing" the game and there is no harm being done. It's not worth the effort on their part to regulate the people who use translation patch or foreign people in general.

When the time comes where Closers NA releases, they may actually take some action against it. But so far, zero news(even internally from a person I know) has been given for eventual NA release. They may even not take any actions against it. But in conclusion, it is highly unlikely that they will be strictly banning people because of the English patch.

Again, could you get banned for using the English patch? In terms of possibility, yes. Will you actually get banned though? No. Chances are too slim.

Team Members

Here are the current team members:

ED Senne



Example Images
Things to keep in mind

1. PLEASE BE AWARE that the English patcher will not be available right after maintenance! Please wait patiently until we fix it.

2. Please apply patch before starting up the game. Once applied, you no longer have to apply it again until next maintenance/new translation update.

3. Please make sure your game is up to date before using the patcher.

4. In case your files become corrupted, use "Download Original Files" in the Menu.

5. If any other issues arise, press "Check All" button on the game's launcher.

6. Please read the FAQ down below if there are any errors. If it is NOT listed in any of the FAQ solutions(or if the FAQ solutions DO NOT work), then ping me or one of the translation project people over in #help-support of Discord.

7. Keep in mind that since I will be locking this thread, you won't be able to reply. If you have any questions, please ask them over in our ClosersHQ Discord.

Downloads and Tutorials

Please read the FAQ down below if you have any problems!
Download Link to the Closers English Patcher: Link

Standalone(No Auto-Updates!):

VirusTotal Analysis

Tutorial Installation/Usage Video

by Ben


Quote:1. Application cannot be started. Contact the application vendor." error on startup

1. Uninstall the Closers Patcher from Control Panel/Programs and Features
2. Go to "%localappdata%\Apps\2.0" then 2 more folders with random letters
3. You should see a lot of folders with long names, delete the ones starting with clos..
4. Now go in "manifests" folder and do the same as above
5. Then go back to "2.0" folder and do the same for "Data" folder
6. After all that, press "Windows Key + R" (Run box) and type (without quotes)
7. "rundll32 %SystemRoot%\system32\dfshim.dll CleanOnlineAppCache"
8. Press enter
9. Try to install Closers Patcher again

Quote:2. My patcher says there are new translations available, but it won't let me download them and it won't work either.

Whenever a new maintenance/emergency maintenance happens, a patcher will not work for a period of time until we update it. Please wait patiently until the patcher becomes updated to use it again.

Quote:3. When I try to use the patcher, I get this.

1. You have got that error since you tried to apply English Translation while the game was on.
2. Restart the game that was already on and then try patching again.
3. And then close the game and patch again.

I know it sounds redundant, but sometimes the patcher gets "stuck".

Quote:4. The English Patcher just seems to have a hard time setting up, and I can't even seem to start it up.

This is a problem with your Windows. You can either try:

1. Download the Standalone version***
2. Run the setup as Admin
3. Check if you have malware or corrupted Windows files
4. Setting compatibility to Windows 7 on setup
5. Try #1

***Make sure you keep in mind that when patcher updates, your patcher won't automatically update if you use the standalone. Keep an eye out in announcements in our Discord.

If those don't work for now, please contact for help over in #help-support.

Also, MAKE SURE YOUR GAME CAN RUN NORMALLY FIRST BEFORE EVEN ATTEMPTING TO USE THE PATCHER! If you come at us with errors that are in no way regarding the patcher, we wrap our heads around for needless periods of time until we realize that the fault is not in the patcher but rather your game.

If there are any other questions, typos, translation errors, please PM myself(@Kanra#4697) on Discord.
It would be much better off contacting me through Discord rather than replies here.
[Image: HjlZeRz.gif]

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