Verification error
[Image: 11412015_840777312666203_8685484194717024995_o.jpg]Every time I start the game, when its start the verification, it's always stop in this file, it held this file for more than 40 minutes and still in.
How can i Solve that error ?

You leave it patch,it shows that its stuck,but its just a visual glitch,its actually patching.

Just leave it by & come back later,it should have finished by then.
It already updated, but when I start the game it don`t verify.
(07-23-2015, 05:21 PM)mollkiller Wrote: It already updated, but when I start the game it don`t verify.

well the picture you showed us is from the patcher,if its stuck,leave it & wait (even if it doesn't show that its doing anything)

If you have a problem with the game's verification (that i'm curious how you can describe/show a picture of it,if its not gameguard) then please post a picture of it.
Totaly of 3 hours, finally its playable. Thanks
(07-23-2015, 07:22 PM)mollkiller Wrote: Totaly of 3 hours, finally its playable. Thanks

Depends on your internet speed & ping toward korea,really... :x
Well,glad its working now.

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