Weapon and gear question
So I was wondering something. The weapons and stuff you can craft from the machine are weaker than the ones you get in dungeons. I am still just a lvl 23. Does this change later on? Cause I keep hearing people "craft a weapon", but so far I don't see a reason to waste time and money gathering the materials needed. So yeah, do things change towards endgame? And if yes starting from which lvl should you focus on crafting?
Imo you should be using story weapons until level 27, and you should not be crafting any weapons other than the Boss weapons because if they aren't Boss weapons, they're a waste of money.

Here's an equipment guide that should last you until lv43: http://closershq.com/Thread-Guide-Equipment

...sigh, you know Ruecian hasn't updated that Guide in a while, I might compile my own soon.
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