What is Naddic's target audience with Closers?
It sure to hell it's not kids or casual players. It seems to fit the more high teen, young adult.
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I really like that they had 18 year old protagonists instead of unrealistic 13/12 year olds. (Excluding Tein)

I hope the story will get even darker. 2na has stated that there is a deviant Closers team that deliberately kills their friends to "free" themselves.
Off to a great start, just need more oomph now.

It's also pretty easy to relate to the characters (hopefully you don't relate to J...):
  • Seha is a game addict who is unconfident in his abilities, even though everyone expects something from him.
  • Yuri had a dream and a good hobby, but was forced to give it up due to circumstances.
  • Seulbi was orphaned and taken in, so she takes things seriously and aspires to be greater... now that I think about it, Seulbi's story is pretty boring, this can't be the extent of her tale, can it?

Also, I kinda wished someone would translate J's story...I hear he has funny dialogue, and he's had experience in the Dimensional War before.

But alas, I'm really happy that they would make a game geared towards an older audience.
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The story is not too dark nor too edgy while still keeping some serious tone and hints of a deeper story in the background(The two sides of UNION and their internal conflict over Black Lambs, the Vultures and their fugitive Closers team). It also has tones of comedy. The gameplay is neither too hard or too easy to me. The normal dungeons tend to be on the easier side while the ones looking for a challenge can go try the specials, trainings and EDMs for their shot.

The females, while being attractive, not overly sexualized which makes me believe that they are not hunting for boys in their puberty. As for males, they are attractive while not overly manly/macho or flamboyant.

Soloing doesn't really punish you with less exp or anything aside from you'll probably use more potions and doing parties gives you a very small extra exp boost which is not a big deal. Main reasons you'd want to party would be if
want to use less potions and have an easier run or guarantee a SSS rank.

By looking at all of these, I believe the target audience is between 20-35 years old, male and female players who invests a decent amount of time in games and well versed in gaming while keeping the hardcore players in mind too. Soloists and party lovers are all accepted as well.
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I've been wondering the exact same thing for a while, the game is hardcore and action inspired, not to mention a low level of fan-service & a mature setting (all characters are 18+) so they've gone for an appeal that'll work almost globally, and with virtually any age bracket.

I think if it weren't for the almost exactly anime-style graphics, I'd say it's an adult audience, but because of that I'm going to say 15-25 would be the target audience, with at least a minor appeal to those older and younger than that bracket.

Hopefully the international release sticks to this same target audience, rather than pulling an Elsword NA and changing it from 13-21 year olds to 15 year old weeaboos who can't keep it in their pants.
I curious about the story, myself. Not the ones we already know, but as in how it progresses. What's Kalbach's goal? What's the deal with Ash and Dust? I feel like the storytelling might be a factor in garnering a target audience.
18~30 is my opinion
it sounds like closers fits a generic MMO demographic, whereas something like Elsword is the outlier appealing to a younger audience.

(01-29-2015, 04:08 AM)Khleys Wrote: It's also pretty easy to relate to the characters (hopefully you don't relate to J...):

if we ignore his medical issues, the idea of having to work only because you need financial support is kind of relatable, right?

and then Misteltein seems to be a child prodigy like Seha, except he's actually decent (ouch, sorry Seha). that's not a lot to work with but i should probably wait for his interactions with others to understand his relatability better.

still, i wonder about his character. we already have Seulbi, who works hard and everyone respects, and Seha, who's lazy and everyone is disappointed in. does that mean Misteltein will work hard and no one will appreciate him? is that why hes a support character? :u #wehavetogoDEEPER
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The game's official rating says 12 and up

Just 12ish and up if you ask me.
Just because a game has a good story and characters doesn't necessarily mean it's for a mature audience. Things like Yuri's financial problems and aspirations and Seha's failure to reach people's expectations just makes the game available to a wider audience that older people can relate to. There's no blood nor sexualization (Barring bunny girl) and the only remotely violent thing I could think of is Gitae's death, where he just gets pulled down by Astaroth's dragons.
Of course, Nata does have a conversation about how he killed people, but I dont think any kid's going get traumatized by the concept of death.
IMO this game is very casual. The controls are simple and it doesn't take much time to master them. Also, it doesn't seem that you need to grind dungeons 99999999999 times to "get strong" and it doesn't really matter since PvP is a completely separate game mode. I'd say it focuses on a 16+ audience, when people are starting to have less time to spend on games. It would be nice to have blood though, or at least an option to turn it on. c:

Btw, you can't trust official ratings. Elsword is supposed to be L, but...
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