What is Naddic's target audience with Closers?
Yeah, I get the casual feeling in the sense that this is a more streamlined version of DFO.

Quote:It would be nice to have blood though, or at least an option to turn it on. c:
Fix the rendering issues first, then we can talk about blood.
I don't really think that Closer is casual.
Maybe in terms of PvP, but I think that the game's PvE is difficult, especially compared to other beat-em-ups like Elsword and DFO where most attacks are telegraphed and most player characters are unbalanced from powercreep. In Closers, most bosses (Minibosses included) can chunk you while others outright kill you in one shot, even in the first area, if you don't dodge in time.
Most attacks in CloserS are telegraphed too. It's just that when bosses start countering EVERYTHING, including your Master cubed Intern ultimate while in Awakening that things really start to become a problem. (**** you story quest Very Hard Astaroth. I'm pretty sure he's even more prone to it than he is in a normal 4-9 VH run or Emergency Defense.)

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