What is this ?
Today when I tried to login using my Nexon infos...it gives me something like this

[Image: Uor1P7A.png]

It gives me same error or notification even if my password or username is incorrect. What does it say?
I can login through website and start a game.

is that some kind of update thing?

Thanks :3
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Login failed.
Please try again later.

Gorrel Wrote:I can login through website and start a game.

Then can I know where's the issue? Its not preventing you from playing, so why do you need help?

Remember that nexon plug is not a direct launcher to the game, its only something you would use if you can't login on the website, the other way around makes no sense.
(unless you're asking here for a different game that uses nexon plug, then please go to the appropriate game's forum to ask for help as nearly no one here uses nexon plug, and might be unnable to help you with whathever issue you are experiencing)
I have to login every time I start game through site, it does not allow me to save password. I use Nexon Plug cause I don't have to login.

Thank you...
You can save account and password if you don't use a KR VPN, on either the captcha page (by ticking the far right button) or by ticking the same button on this login screen:
[Image: firefox_2016-02-17_09-17-19.png]
All you need to do is press game start before logging in, the far right button is "remember my account", it should ask your browser if you want to remember the password as well, then all you have to do is press the first letter to have it show as shortcut everytime you login.
Done. We'll see...
(02-17-2016, 09:44 AM)Gorrel Wrote: We'll see...

Either it works or it doesn't, in which case you'll have to modify your browser settings so that it works.

It works for me and I'm fine with it Big Grin

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