What's your GPU :D
-hide my TITAN Xs-

I have SLI 3 980Ti nothing special. Big Grin
750Ti ; ;
No longer active
GTX 750TI o/
[Image: WyY2kGE.jpg]
Seha: lvl 62 Misteltein:62 Seulbi:44 Yuri:50 J:62 Nata: 58 Revia:59 Harpy:48
The poor thing is considered old nowadays. D:

and nothing special my ass
[Image: Aiip38z.png]
im so poor my GPU dont have a brand Big Grin
Quadro 2000

:C i know its kinda pretty old for this generation,but it does the job D<
I've got one ASUS STRIX GTX 980.

It does all the stuff I want done. =I
[Image: Akuma_zps5f4d9d78.png]
If you require any sort of language assistance with Closers JP or any JP game, feel free to PM me.
Just one 980Ti w/ X31 cooler
Do not send me private messages regarding game help.
Oh dam casey packing money i run. Hide all my gpus casey too op for me.

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