What this item do?
So i tried to get outfit from bunny girl, but i got some magazine like item. I dont known what it do, but from what i see it can be sold per 700k gold in auction house. So what it do and is it worh selling it? here is picture of item:

[Image: uAgi05q.jpg?1]
[Image: M6hHb59.jpg?1]
For 3 days
Enter Restricted Area 1 Additional Time
15% Extra Credit
15% Extra Exp
9HP/3sec recovery
3MP/3sec recovery
(09-06-2015, 12:34 PM)QuanLW Wrote: For 3 days
Enter Restricted AreaS 1 Additional Time
15% Extra Credit
15% Extra Exp
9HP/3sec recovery
3MP/3sec recovery

It works for any dungeon with daily OR weekly limitation (at least in KR),and gives +1 additional entry,as long as its active that is..
[Image: cats.jpg]
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