What to do at ENDGAME on Closers?
So my Levia is my first character lvl 51. I know I'm almost at the ENDGAME so my question is. When I finish "All Story Quests" what do I do next? Craft stuff? Create another character and play? Thanks in advance for the people who will reply this topic to help me.
After you complete the story quests in the Epilogue area and hit level 52, you get to go to the next area: Plane Gate.

Once you get to the Plane Gate, you get one more story quest that sends you back to the Epilogue area for 5 boss drops from E-4. But afterwards, you get Plane Gate story quests and access to the PNA system. (A guide I wrote on PNA.)

At Plane Gate, there's more stages. Each stage has a limit of 2 runs per day. (3 with Elite Training Ticket active.) Basically, you run them and work towards new gear. There's also +15 SP from quest rewards.

The most notable gear are the sets. The first three stages in both zones drop a guaranteed legendary item. You can collect the ones of the color set you want and upgrade them over time by dismantling the ones you don't want for the crystals you need to upgrade them. (After you upgrade them into diamonds.) You can get three of the set items already at the second stage from quests. There are also a few non-set shields and modules that drop from the fourth and fifth stages of each area. (Shields from the fourth, modules from the fifth.)

There are also legendary weapons. They are very rare drops, but if you save enough Red Books that drop from the stages, you can craft a box that gives the weapons at random. (Seperated into three different boxes for different types.) They too need to be upgraded to their highest form.
Thanks alot

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