What would you like added/changed in Closers?
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Changing the after dungeon completion F2 and F3 thing to not hinge solely on party leader. Should make it not exit everyone if party leader leaves, and use a vote system or something for F2.
I was able to get XPadder working thanks to you guys, but this game seriously needs better optimization. If I'm able to run much more intensive games like console ports and PSO2 in around 60FPS, this game shouldn't be struggling to render its tiny environments. I was considering spending money on the cash shop until I realized that I could only enjoy the game as intended every two maps.

The amount of free storage is paltry, even for a free MMO. They give you materials on a silver platter, and not enough room to hold them all.

Soloing is both fun and frustrating at the same time. Being able to land optimized combos uninterrupted is nice, but I've found myself dealing with a lot of HP sponge enemies past level 15.
Too much skills for closers ><

Make you able to bring your other chars into missions with you!

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