Where is my Character?
Current Issues Before the creation of the form I had before MentalOut (Caster). And now the question is what do I do to remove this character MentalOUT? I only problem, is that there appears the name of my character as MentalOut and the total stamina will be a little bit more.
Link with my problem.

Sry for my english.
When you started the game, you were prompted to enter an account name.

MentalOut = Your account name
YuriSenpai = Your character's name

There is no problem, you have already deleted the character named 'MentalOut' but your account name is still MentalOut.
Unfortunately there is currently no way to change account name.

Account name is solely for adding friends and it only shows in Friends List, AoS, and Nexon homepage.
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ohhhh ok thx, but this is normal my total stamina 340?
your stamina is the above bar, the below one is overall stamina. mean you can play only 2 char full stam ~.~
What he said^

Purple stamina bar = The current character's stamina.
Blue stamina bar = The account stamina.

If you run out of character stamina, you will be unable to play the current character.
If you run out of account stamina, you will be unable to play any character.

Stamina-consuming dungeons will subtract stamina from both bars when you enter.
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