Which skills
I just got OC and have problem with chosing skills (dont have enough space in skill bar). So here is my set and what i wanna remove/add:

-Phase Power Release LVL1

Dont feel like i need higher lvl than 1 (at least for now), but still dont wanna remove it.

-Forced Cancel LVL1

For now lvl1. mayby later if i have some free SP i gonna invest it to reduce CD on this skill.

-Emergency Evasion LVL0

Removed it becouse didnt use it at all. dunno if i should do that.

-Horn Gouge LVL0

Removed it becouse i found it pretty usless in my play style. i rather Q->E or Q->W enemy than use this skill.

-Tail Whip LVL 10

One of skills i dont wanna remove (at least if you guys said its not worth to have it at higher lvls)

-Fang Dive LVL 10

One of skills im intrested to swap, but i think that MP regen make it worth to have it.

-Summon Familiar LVL1

Just like Fang Dive: im intrested in swaping this skill. If not i propably lvl it up if i have some free SP.

-Finishing Move Black Sabbath LVL6

Just like all Finishing Move: LVLed up till it got M. wanna have it, becouse of greate range and dmg.

-Designated Sacrifice LVL10

One of my most important spells in my comb (opening one). Wanna have it.

-Dimensional Singularity LVL10

Found it rly good to combo with other skills, and cover my back. I think its good to have it but not sure.

-Serpent Swarm LVL 10

For now its part of one of my combos (Q->E), bot its one of spells im intrested in swap.
-Finishing Move Walpurgis LVL6

Finishing move. Wanna have it.

-Hell's Trap LVL0

didnt buy it becouse dont rly care about it.

and skills im intrested in:

-Serpent's Waltz
-Tormenting Light
-Mamushi Swarm
-Finishing Move Judgement Star

For Serpent Swarm i got place by remving Horn Gouge (A), and i have saved one slot for Finishing Move Judgement Star. I removed Emergency Evasin where i set Mamushi Swarm but im not rly sure is it worth to have this skill (dont known is it worth to spend SP on it). And my most important Question: Torment Light: is it worth to get it? If yest then which skill shoud i remove to get it? Propably of of this which have similar effect (D or E), but not sure. Can somoene help?
FYI, you can use the numbered quickslots also.
y, but then i gonna be drained from SP to 0 rly fast. Eather way thx.


after looking in skills noticed i have SP for it. Levia isnt hybrid like Yuri so i dont need to add PHS and PP.
Well in my case, I level Horn Gouge to MASTER for the effect "-20% Magical Defense for 10 seconds". Combo with your FMs and your damage gets boost alot. As for Mamushi Swarm, you get nice buff for every enemy in the radius of this skill, at ADVANCED level, you get 5% Mag damage + 5% Phy damage and another buff for you of +7% Mag damage.

And for Emergency Evasion, it depends on your playstyle I guess? Me at Plane Gate depends heavily on this Evasion thou.

Fang Dive is used to build up your Phase Power besides Summon Familiar. And since Tormenting Light uses Phase Power, it would be nice to have Fang Dive also, and the damage is good~

And lastly, I capped all FMs. Simply for the damage as you level the skills.

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