Will delete this as soon as patch note comes up.
Since I can't post new updates translation in patch notes thread,

I'll post quick translation and delete this thread after the news comes up.

Hello. This is GM K.

This is announcement for change of update schedule that was planned on 26th of Feb.

We're truly sorry for those who were waiting for the update.

Please wait little longer, as this is for fun and completeness of the game.

We will prepare contents within the schedule and reward you with

greater joyfulness.

■ Future closers update schedule

Update date

26th Feb (Thur) :  Adding 'Circle'(guild) system, changing 'union medal' system.

12th Mar (Thur) : Update on J's official agent

※ 12th Mar (Thur) coming up update will be announced again in the future


Finally! Guild is coming up in 2days! Smile
This is already front paged, locking.
Do not send me private messages regarding game help.

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