Winter Mission
[Image: 01.jpg]
Event Period : 2015/12/29 ~ 2016/01/12 2016/01/19
During the event period, collect item 大吉札 (Daikichi bills) that can be obtained through Dungeons

 [Image: osumashi_ukkyS.png]
(only can be crafted once per ID)

 [Image: omekashi_ukkyS.png]
(only can be crafted once per ID)

 [Image: fukubukuro.png]
(only can be crafted twice per ID, each day.
resets at 04:00 JST)

 Accessory Preview

 [Image: osumashi_ukkyL.png]
 [Image: osumashi_ukkyE.png]

 [Image: omekashi_ukkyL.png]
 [Image: omekashi_ukkyE.png]
edit, extended event

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