Wolfdogs Area 5 Final Story Quest + Ending

That ending cutscene feels incomplete.
The time has come.
Dear Dragon's Child, have you come to bite me off?

I...I have come to arrest you!
I will defeat you and prevent AI from taking over the airship!

Hahahaha... Too late.
By now, the AI that I have prepared will already have taken over the airship.
And, with that, my plan has already succeeded by half.

N...No way...!

There will be nothing from defeating me. Go back to whence you came.

No... even if that is true, I will defeat you.
Kalbach-nim...For your plans, you have used Hana-nim and many other people.
For that... I will be the one to judge you!

You..? With whose privilege?
Only one that can judge humans are humans and the gods themselves!
You are only a beast that brings destruction!
You have no privilege to judge humans!

...Yes. I may have a beast of destruction within me.
However, I will imprison that beast... with the human soul that I have!
In order to prove that my soul is human, I will defeat you!

Kuhahahaha... Good. Then go ahead and try.
I will be the one to judge whether your soul is a beast's soul, or a human's soul!

Come! Come and stop my gospel! If you do, you will finally earn your wings..!

Khuhuk... Well done.
Levia... Dragon's Child that harnesses the beast within... You have proved that your soul is indeed human's.
If you can protect that soul by yourself, you will be able to prevent the disaster.
The disaster that will strike from the beast, and the disaster that will be brought from the humans.

As promised, I shall gift thine with the wings...Go backeth to your trainer. Thou will then finally gain thy wings...With those wings, stop that disaster with the Black Lambs...
Khuhuhu... I will excuse myself here.

Wait! There should be no place for you to run! Surrender yourself!

Khuhuhu... My army has prepared an airplane for me to escape on. Although you were too focused on Lamb's Keeper...
...Thou hath thought that I would take the "ark" for myself. But the "ark" chooses its own owner... My role was only to give it its soul. I hath no more reason to stay here anymore."
The time has come! Open thine eyes and look well! For the ark who has regained its soul will finally begin its great flight...!"
Khuhuhu... Thou dost need not worry. We shall meet again. In the close future, I will prepare a new gospel, and find thou."
Until then, struggle and survive, Wolves...!"
[Image: HjlZeRz.gif]

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