Wondering about the future
Yeah. So while I was lying on the couch I was thinking about this game and there are 2 questions that popped up in my mind. I wanna hear your opinions too.
1) Will they add a new area/expand the dungeons/story further?
2) For players that are freshly new and didn't play this game from it's release etc. will they bring back the permanent oa costumes for all characters one day?

Just some questions that flew through my mind. I wanna hear some opinions so feel free and share xD.
question 1: of course that is how they make a living
question 2: probably not, it's like a limited edition thing, only limited
1. We've already seen datamined Season 2 stuff, and one of the final Epilogue area story quests involves you meeting one of the terrorists. So the hook is already there.
2. Probably not.

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