TL;DR: It actually makes you stronger irregardless, though more when you balance (instead of making you suck if you don't balance, which was past belief).
Right now I'm a bit scared to format this thread, since the forum login is a bit shaky atm...

So recently Kanra re-translated the Seo Yuri passive:
Sense of Balance:
Description: Attack and Critical Damage's Phys/Mag will be on reciprocal conversion, increasing the amount that increases as the ratio becomes more equal.
Physical/Magical Damage-> 30%~10% Conversion
(for every 10% difference between Physical and Magical Attack, decrease by 4%)
Physical/Magical Crit Damage -> 30%~10% Conversion
(for every 10% difference between Physical and Magical Critical Damage, decrease by 5%)

Because of how translating works, there were...many words that I found to be misleading.
So I will tell you what is actually happening:

Sense of Balance:
Description: Physical/Magical Attack and Critical Damage will both increase, with the 'stat increase' increasing as the ratio between the two different types of attacks becomes more equal (closer to 1:1).
Physical/Magical Damage-> 30%(max)~10%(Min) stat addition
>For every 10% difference between Physical and Magical Attack, stat addition decreases by 4% (starting from 30%)
Physical/Magical Crit Damage -> 30%(max)~10(min)% Conversion
>For every 10% difference between Physical and Magical Critical Damage, stat addition decreases by 5% (starting from 30%)

Obviously this sounded way too good to be true, so I went to actually test it.
Naked Nata has 50%, so Yuri has +28% higher than other characters (78%).

Going up physical +1 at a time:
1) 83/79.5 (Physical Should be: 55 Magical Should be: 50; difference between stats: 9.5%)
2) 82/76.75 (57;50:13%||addition on both sides should be 25%...why does physical DROP?||numbers are supposed to be:82/75)
3) 84/77.25 (59;50:16%||25%||84/75)
4) 86/77.75 (61;50:19.8%||20 or 25%||81 or 86/70 or 75)
5) 88/78.25 (63;50:23%||20%||83/70)
6) 90/78.75 - i gave up at this point because there was very clearly another variable that made this math make absolutely no sense, or I've been using the wrong base numbers from the start (how are you even supposed to tell base number) -
7) 89/75.4
8) 91/75.8
9) 93/76.2
10) 95/76.6

Going both +1 at same time:
Note that's it's normally supposed to go up only two at a time
1) 84.5/84.5
2) 87.1/87.1
3) 89.7/89.7
4) 92.3/92.3
5) 94.9/94.9
6) 97.5/97.5
7) 100.10/100.10
8) 102.7/102.7
9) 105.3/105.3
10) 107.9/107.9

I don't know what drugs naddic was smoking while they were doing the math for this, it seems the only reason physical crit ever went down was due to normalization (or some other sht).
Well for the most part, it's good to know now that Yuri character passive does not actually make Yuri WEAKER, but rather makes Yuri STRONGER THAN EVERYONE ELSE.
It's definitely understandable why someone would confuse it to do the opposite, because it does randomly drop the other stat due to whatever math method naddic's using.

Either way, this knowledge is definitely good to have for Seo Yuri.
So don't fret, dear Seo Yuri users! She is actually NOT BAD AT DPS \o/

Thank you Kanra for translation and Ziyon for clarification Big Grin
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(08-20-2015, 06:20 AM)Khleys Wrote: I don't know what drugs naddic was smoking while they were doing the math for this

I question any game company who puts strange as hell numbers or skills on any character. Honestly whatever drugs they are on for it I want some too so I can make my own game with a character with strange scaling numbers.
(08-20-2015, 06:20 AM)Khleys Wrote: Right now I'm a bit scared to format this thread, since the forum login is a bit shaky atm...
So it's not just me, huh? I had to get to this topic through View Today's Posts in order to reach it without getting logged out.....

I've had this theory that Yuri could actually turn out to be the strongest character with copious amounts of money invested into the game to overcome the hurdles of her gear coming with lower modifiers/set bonuses. (Even the ****ing Astaroth costume weapons.) That Naddic was giving her lower everything because they knew this.

This is the first sign of anything that supports my theory I've seen. Being hybrid isn't holding back Yuri as much as I thought. (Now, how quickly she burns through MP on the other hand, needing to chug down potions AND having a basic loop with large pushback.....)

Also, I felt silly bringing it up because by the time Yuri outdamages everyone else, anyone could destroy Stage 8 Nightmare Astaroth in seconds. (And this was BEFORE we discovered weapon use effect stacking. Hell, she probably benefits from that more than anyone since Physical, Magical and Both Atk buffs apparently share seperate cooldowns.)

But this is definitely interesting to finally learn. It does explain why my Yuri has higher Crit Damages than what others would have at her gear level.

But with this new information, I'm not sure if it's better to stack Physical and Magic Crit Damage together or aim for Back Attack and Aerial Crit Damage.

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