Your Sun came to visit
Hi, Im your Sun. Be grateful for me bothering to still cover up for Earth when I can go and visit my other mates.
I was born 4.6 billion years ago.
I came from the Solar Nebula, my home of where alot of us were created.
I'm simply one of the under ranking stars. There are alot more stars out there much more powerful and larger then I could even see from my view.
I have a 360*x 360*x 360* view.
I'm also able to change my form while maintaining a shadow of myself with the same frequency of waves and all those poop you can never understand, because I'm caring enough to not destroy the life forms that exist on Earth.
Earth is very interesting, that is what you call it.
I have only 5 billion more years to live, somewhere there. In a couple thousand years I'll go forward to travel to other galaxies, so Earth'll be dead by that time.
Closers is just one of the many things I'm interested in.
It's Winter, go away.

Come back in the Summer.

[Image: Baron.gif]
I'm here all the time everytime.
If I go you're all dead.
Besides I let a shadow of mine take the spot for a bit, staying there for a couple bils ain't fun.
No wonder why the site's yellow,

Welcome to the site though
Do not send me private messages regarding game help.
Oh my god.

Our Sun has come to bless us.

Welcome to CloserS HQ~
[Image: FVUJPdb.gif]
We need a moon and we have all the day/night stars!

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