Yuri and Jeongmi's story comic
Source: http://closers.nexon.com/ucc/webtoon/vie...iclesn=704

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Stays pretty much true to the game story except few parts.
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This is adorable <3 Yuri x Jeongmi please
Oh thank you. Backstory for the female dog of an NPC who actually has a justified reason for hating Closers and also happens to swing that way.

Also, I'm guessing the "joining Union" part isn't correct?
did she just [Image: 8e9f8e9852bb4db7caef097d1d477ca9.png]
Should have known a character called Yuri isn't straight at all.
This comic made me hate Hana even more. \o/
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`yuri` comfirmed here.
Poor thing. ;-;
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(02-23-2015, 08:12 AM)Dust Wrote: This is adorable <3 Yuri x Jeongmi please
Ask and ye shall receive.

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That was a pretty cute story 
-More detailed story about Jeongmi's father: Dimensionals appeared suddenly in the Time Square 3 years ago because of Kalbach Tux. Dimensionals appeared in the center and people became trapped in both East and West sides. Jeongmi's father was in the West side at the time to buy Jeongmi's birthday present and became trapped. There were more citizens trapped in the West but the Closer in charge of the rescue sent almost all personnel to the East. That Closer's reason was that there were high ranking government official's family trapped inside the East side. Closer in charge insisted that they rescue higher up's family first and as a result there were more casualties in the West wing, Jeongmi's father being one of the causalities.

-Jeongmi was left behind in school because she was collecting printouts for school field trip.
-After the bus accident, Jeongmi was kidnapped by Ash and Dust, only to be released by them later near the Seoul Zoo.
-Jeongmi does decide to work towards becoming UNION's researcher. She doesn't officially become one yet in the game. But she does work part time for UNION as Carolliel's assistant during Gangnam's recovery in S1 Epilogue.
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