Yuri needs a buff QwQ
(01-31-2015, 10:50 AM)Khleys Wrote: Kaideh runs mostly physical and s/he's doing fine. I recommend doing the same, a large portion of Yuri's DPS is physical. There's no need to be mixed.



I think I'm late but, oh well, Yuri is highly crit reliant. Most of her damage comes from PATK and not MATK, so, if you build her as a hybrid, you're doing it really wrong. Just like I said, she's crit reliant. If you don't plan on spending real money to tune your equipments, simply go for whips. I'm not the best Yuri out there, but I have a very good BI whip, which grants me almost 1k in both PATK and MATK. With cores, I hit 3.8k PATK and I pretty much can kill bosses on Singhang (?) VH with two finish moves. A whole combo can deal a huge damage on G Tower bosses, etc.

Yuri is not weak. If you manage to build her in the best way possible, she's a killing machine.

PS: I LOVE her passive since I can farm pretty fast with her. ;)
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As a Yuri mainer, I can tell you that for me, Yuri is the strongest out of all characters. Not the most "powerful" maybe but the strongest for me. Why?

1. You have great mobility, meaning you can gather mobs just by running circles around them and pack them up, completely taking care of the lack of AoE attacks. Also some of your skills cover a bigger area when used in air. Automatic Fire for example, spreads a bit more when used in air unless I am mistaken. So, lack of AoE really isn't an excuse for her.

2. Many of Yuri's skills move her around. Use that wisely and nothing can touch you. You have at least 4 skills that you can use to dodge, at least 2 skills you can use to dodge and attack at the same time.

If I can solo Area 4's last map on VH or Heta-something(can't remember the full name of that thing... The Nasod King!) just fine with slightly about 2k P.Atk and 1800 M.Atk with my Yuri when she is not OA, I don't think she needs a buff. And my Yuri doesn't even have that level 35 crit set nor 45 crit set. Just a whip.

Just because Yuri doesn't hit as hard as Seha doesn't mean she is weak or needs buffs. She just plays differently than a full brawn Seha and J. More speed, more skill, more style. Pretty much how a Blade Master plays on Elsword. If you are not being flashy, you are doing it wrong Big Grin

Maybe I should write a Yuri guide sometime. I did make a BM guide on Void forums after all. My only problem would be that if I were to record gameplay, I probably can't since my computer can barely handle Closers.
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Yeah, one of the major problems I think we have right now is that we don't have a training room to experiment with and discover or even a list of how certain skills are outright better when used midair.

For example: Rolling Vulcan on the ground: Magic shots + a physical stomp.
Rolling Vulcan in the air: Physical + magic shots + a physical stomp. As in, it gets hits ADDED to it.

And both Yuri Star and Yuri Special are executed faster when used midair. (Yuri Special even gets an extra slash added to the beginning.)

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