Yuri skill build
Someone can help with skill build for hybrid Yuri? Ussually i dont ask for that kind of things, but i dont have enought space for all skills (i known i can buy one more bar, but dont have enought DS now), and points to add passive/skills, so i wander which one i dont rly need.
[Image: M6hHb59.jpg?1]
Still working on my build but this is what its currently at
Passives that boost by %
Both Physical&Magical Crit Rate
Both Air&Back Atk Dmg Rate
You can also get these passives if your not into burning through MP potions
Normal Attack Increase
Rsc. Reduce Rate
These 9 skills according to the wiki deal both Physical and Magical damage
All three Finishing Moves
Full Magazine Launch
Rolling Vulcan
Yuri Spiral
Zone Control
Suppressing Fire

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