Yuri teammate skill
I have some question about it:

1. I known it give +% attack speed, i dont rly see any diffrance. Is that "attack speed" skill CD reduction, or something like that?
2. I read somethere that her team passive stuck with her own passive and reduct other characters stats if they are not hybrid (they got that passive of her). Is that true?
3. and question about all characters team passive: can i stack character team passive (like 2 seha)?
[Image: M6hHb59.jpg?1]
I'm not sure 100% about the first one,but the other two I'm pretty sure are like this:
1. As far as I saw it on my other 4 agents, is just more attack speed, nothing else.
2. Nope, I'm pretty sure is not the case.
3. No, all agents can stack teamskill as long as is with other different agents, the wiki in this case clearly said "You have 4 characters: Seha, Yuri, Seulbi, and another Seulbi. You get your Seulbi to level 20. Only Seha and Yuri will receive Seulbi's Teamwork Buff."
Teamwork Level bonuses are not applied in town, only in stages, which might explain why you are not seeing it.

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