cheap wireless dome security camera
Jaste Solar solar chamber systems are the latest generation of remote monitoring and video surveillance solutions in the industry. These units of "Green Power" or Solar Powered provide a production of energy without cost and respectful with the environment to maintain all the year and a continuous operation. Jaste Solar uses a wide range of components of solar energy technology, security, surveillance, wireless communication and related quality technology to develop the best in the world. With each system designed to be durable, high performance and offer maximum flexibility. Designed by our in-house experts, we can provide personalized and highly effective security and surveillance in any place of any kind. We develop and supply innovative units with HD megapixel quality capture devices, including PTZ, IR Bullet, Vandal Dome, Mini Dome, License Plate Capture, Thermal Infrared to Wireless as 4G, WiFi or others. Additional accessories such as Sirens, Strobe LED lighting, audio and more are available. Designed to be easily deployable, Jaste Solar Experts solar energy camera systems for almost a decade have proven to be extremely valuable for all types of wireless dome security camera

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